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Attorneys Note

Attorneys Note


What Will Happen To Your Asset If You Don’t Have A Prenuptial Agreement In Case Of A Divorce

Having a prenuptial agreement can help you avoid a lot of confusion in the event of a divorce. Family law attorney and co-author of The New Love Deal: Everything You Must Know Before Marrying, Moving In, or Moving On Gemma B. Allen explained that this deal could provide an “overall comprehensive approach” as to how to treat assets and liabilities. It could also protect the desired asset or family interest and avoid being exposed to social media. She said that a prenuptial agreement is a flexible tool that could do whatever goals the couple wanted to reach when it comes to their


Understanding Property Crimes And Its Varying Degrees

Property crimes have varying degrees. It can be any crime that has something to do with theft or damaging someone else’s property. Its offense ranges from the lower-level crimes, like shoplifting or vandalism, to high-level felonies, such as armed robbery and arson. Some wrongdoings can still be considered crimes as long as the offender does something unlawful and has the intention to commit a crime. They don’t have to steal any goods or even harm an innocent victim with burglary or such to be called criminals. They can be charged even in the simplest illegal thing they do. However, there

Real Estate

Know The 5 Important Things About Commercial Real Estate Law

If you are a real estate owner, there are a lot of things you need to know about commercial real estate law. Surely, you will need a lawyer to understand everything from the federal to state to local laws. These things will be pretty tough if you don’t have an expert to guide you. Commercial real estate law is hard. It is so confusing, not to mention complicated. An average person will surely have a hard time understanding the ins and outs of it. If you are a real estate owner, it will be the least of your desire to

Criminal Class

How Police And Prosecutors File Criminal Class

A more in-depth look at how officials start filing criminal cases: It is not common knowledge to most people who haven’t ventured on the legal side of things how criminal cases start. With that in mind, we’ll give you a quick tour of how the authorities initiate it. Police officers start the process with their arrest report that contains all of the necessary details about the crime and the defendant. All of the documents will be forwarded to their lawyers and prosecutors, who will assess the situation and decide what cases should be filed against the defendant. There are also


Lawyers: When Do We Need Their Services

It is common knowledge that all legal matters need a lawyer’s intervention. However, this is not always the case. That raises the question, when do we exactly need lawyers and their services? Will they do us any good, or is it just a waste of money to hire their expertise? Let us discuss it, and we’ll know more details about it. The first in the pipeline is learning the two legal categories in our judiciary system. The first one is a Civil Law, and the second is Criminal Law. CIVIL LAW – Lawyers often describe civil law as a legal area

Green Card

Applying For A Green Card: How Rigorous It Can Be?

A lot of people are hoping to be American citizens. They are dreaming to have that green card and be permanent work and live in the United States and all the benefits that come with it. But how hard is it to get this much-dreamt-of permanent residency? In an article written by Darrell M. West, he said you would be shocked to know how rigorous it was to apply for a green card. The immigration process was so costly, not to mention a long process that you might have to need a loan. If some of you think that marrying


Immigration Laws And Deportation: Things We Need To Know

Removal process and deportation laws from the U.S. immigration. The things we need to consider. Studying various immigration laws can be daunting, especially if we are in the middle of an application on entering the United States borders. If we are confused or do not have a clue about the process, we are here to help out. The confusion becomes serious, especially if we are facing deportation or removal process from immigration. This further intensifies if the lawyer we hired is not explaining enough the things that we need to know about our case status. What else do we need


Here’s How Much It Will Cost You To Get A Marriage Green Card

If you are non-American and you are married to an American citizen, the first thing you need to do after your marriage is to apply for a marriage green card. This will allow you to live and work anywhere in the United States. You will get permanent resident status. If you wish to be a U.S. citizen like your spouse, you can become eligible to apply after three years. Surely, this one will cost you a lot of time and money that you may have to apply for loans if you and your spouse are only starting. So, here is


Talking About The Law: Difference Between Felony And Misdemeanors

Discussing the differences and similarities between misdemeanor and felony. Misdemeanors and felonies are often discussed in the news and by the people walking around the streets. Have you asked yourself what exactly they mean and how they are compared to each other? For starters, the United States federal criminal code divides crime into two major categories. The first one being misdemeanors, and the other one is considered to be felonies. Both break the local and the state’s written law, which is punishable through serving jail time. Lawyers and lawmakers agree that misdemeanors somewhat feature lighter sentences, most of the time


Business Lawyer: How To Become One And What They Do

What business lawyers can do with our business, and when is the right time to hire one? Business analysts point new business owners on hiring a business lawyer at the start of their business venture. However, many questioned this move and didn’t actually understand the reason behind this. The main task on their plate is handling all the legal stuff of a business such as intellectual properties, creating and revising contracts, and handling taxes. Since they are lawyers by nature, they can come up with legal documents for both their clients, partners, and even employees. Running negotiations, whether it is


Know how To Divide Your Parents’ Property When There’s No Last Will And Testament

Every parent’s dream is to give their kids a wonderful life. They work hard as much as possible to have something to give their children when they die. But, are all parents aware of having a lawyer and making a last will and testament for their inheritors? What will happen if they fail to put on paper what their kids will inherit? Here enters the estate that will give the designated fortune to its rightful heirs. They can be assured that their chosen inheritors will receive what is for them through legitime, the legal right share of the decedent’s inheritor


Investment 101: Government Regulations Every Business Owners Must Know

Pointing out all the major laws and regulations every business should follow. Whether our business is in the gas and oil industry or on the marketing side of things, everyone needs to follow all sets of rules and regulations imposed by the government. Some provisions may have a direct effect on the operation of our business, while others only have a particular impact on papers. Most of them are a bit confusing to understand, while others are straight-up weird and ridiculous. With that said, let’s dive down and analyze the most vital government regulations that every business owner should follow.


What Immigration Lawyers Do And When We Need Their Services?

Looking for a service from an immigration lawyer and how they can help us with our situation? Let’s discuss all the bits and piece that surrounds this. There are times when we are in a pinch, and we really need to get things done legally to process our immigration papers. The real question is that is it the right time to hire an immigration lawyer, and what exactly can they do for us? For starters, not all steps in sorting out our immigrant application need assistance from a professional. Whether we are applying for an immigrant visa or a green


Prenuptial Agreement: Know Its Use And What You Can And Cannot Include In It

If you are afraid that your marriage can end up in a divorce and you want to protect your assets, you should make a prenuptial agreement. Some celebrities are reportedly using this to protect their fortune once their union doesn’t succeed. A prenuptial agreement sets certain terms in place in case your marriage ends in a wrong way. For example, you have a hefty investment that you want to protect from your significant other in the event of a separation. However, not everything you want can be put here. There are certain limitations as to what can only be part


Top Legal Mishap Small Business Does And How To Avoid These Mistakes

Small business owners often caught these legal mistakes in the earlier part of their investment journey. What are these mistakes, and how can we avoid it? Most entrepreneurs possess an unrivalled passion for their business. They sometimes caught themselves out of time and spending too much pampering their venture, and they easily overlooked another aspect of their investment – the legal side of things. We understand this situation since it is so easy to be caught between business operations and marketing our new brand. This is also the reason why most entrepreneurs forgot to settle their things with their business


Things To Know About Investments: Must-Have Documents Of Business Owners

Are you starting up a new business? Here are the documents needed for your start-up journey. In our current day and age, running a business is almost considered as a necessity for us to get the financial security that we always dream. However, for those who do not have any ideas in starting up a new investment, this one is for you! If you have enough investment money to put a small corporation, you need to know all the legal documents necessary to run your business. Company Bylaws One of the most important documents needed from your business is the


The Right Time To File A Lawsuit

For those who consider filing a lawsuit but do not know if it is the right thing to do, don’t fret, and here are the things you can consider first for determining this is the right time to file a complaint. Legal processes can be daunting at times since there are lots of things we need to consider, and we will have a considerable investment of time and effort to sort out a legal issue. However, most cases can only be fixed with a lawsuit. Numerous things determine if we can file a valid lawsuit or not. It ranges from


What Is A Real Estate Attorney And Why Do I Need It?

If you are planning to put your investment in a real state or if you are just renting a property, a real estate attorney can help keep you and your business safe in all the real estate transactions that you will do. A dependable real estate attorney has the right knowledge and skills about the laws and regulations in your area. He/She, too, should always be available to see the legal details of your business deals. Whether you will be the buyer or the seller, your real estate attorney should give you his/her assistance in different ways needed. Hence, this


Divorce VS Annulment: What’s The Difference?

If you are experiencing trouble in your marriage, you may be thinking of opting for a divorce or an annulment. But did you know the difference between the two? Divorce and annulment have a lot of differences and similarities. Confusing, right? In legal terms, some of the differences include the type of evidence that you need to show. The obligations to and from the former partner with each ruling also need to be considered. So, here are some points about divorce and annulment that you need to know. Anyhow, it is best to consult a lawyer about these to get


Know The Common Grounds To File A Divorce And Its 2 Forms

If you want to opt for divorce, you need to have a valid reason for it. Not just valid, but a legally valid reason that will be accepted in the court. Although you have a thousand reasons why you want to end your marriage to your husband or wife, some of them won’t matter if it is not on the legal grounds. You may talk to your family lawyer to know about the adequate reason that you can use to file a divorce against your significant other. You will then need to prove these reasons to the court, and it