What Immigration Lawyers Do And When We Need Their Services?

Looking for a service from an immigration lawyer and how they can help us with our situation? Let’s discuss all the bits and piece that surrounds this.

There are times when we are in a pinch, and we really need to get things done legally to process our immigration papers. The real question is that is it the right time to hire an immigration lawyer, and what exactly can they do for us?

For starters, not all steps in sorting out our immigrant application need assistance from a professional. Whether we are applying for an immigrant visa or a green card, it is not every time that they will require us to get an immigration lawyer. In fact, we can probably complete the whole process if we maintained an unsullied criminal record with outstanding feedbacks from most of the immigrant officers you ran into.

There are also cases that lawyers can’t go along with you during consular interviews. However, they can help us sort out all the paperwork and all the communications in between. As an overview, immigration lawyers are there to help us in various situations and will save us a lot of time dealing with that nasty paperwork and frustrating guidelines. They can also shed some light on that insanely complicated immigration laws.


If we are an employer and we are looking for a skilled worker from overseas, immigration lawyer might be our best bet to straighten out things as quickly as possible. The same goes if we are a skilled worker and we are looking at landing a job from outside our country.

We know that most business owners don’t have the time to deal with immigration laws and such. With that in mind, it is also worth mentioning that there are meticulous documents involved in some of the processes when we like to hire foreign-born workers and if we like to sponsor a worker for a green card.

With that said, the law requires investment owners to complete all the necessary documents for a PERM application (ETA Form 9089). We need to take note that any small mistakes can bring a big denial in our applications, and to save us from the hustle, it is recommended that we hire an immigration lawyer that specialized in these kinds of cases.

Whatever the case may be, these professionals can point us in the right direction and provide up with the fastest and safest options on how we can get our visas and green cards.

They can also be handy not only for business and professional needs but as well as with our family-based visa and green card applications. Let’s say a married couple made up their mind and wanted to pursue their dreams in the U.S.; they will have two options to choose from. One is they can apply for an immigrant visa with the power of getting a green card from once the process is completed, or they can apply for a K-3 visa that allows entry and follow-through with a procedure called adjustment of status. Immigration lawyers can lay out all the pros and cons of each choice and will she some in-depth details on which option is advantageous for us.


Immigration courts can be a daunting place for most individuals who are in the midst of a court deportation proceeding. If you are still in the middle of the road or you sense that your situation will lead to that scary moment, go and look for an immigration lawyer right away.

After all, our immigration status depends on the findings of the courts, and we don’t want to jeopardize our chances of safely and flawlessly completing all of the required steps just because of one or two tiny details that we missed during our application.

However, if the results are in, don’t lose hope. Even if the proceedings are over, there’s still a chance that they can do something about our situation.


Probably the most common status we saw in every application is the claim of inadmissibility because of one reason to another based on their guidelines. There are others that committed crimes or simply lied towards any U.S government officers that eventually became the reason for their immigration status.

If we are in this situation, or if we feel like we are going in the same route, it is best to seek legal guidance and spend some from our credit cards to give us a better chance of completing the whole paperwork.


Delays and immigration hiccups are also one of the main reasons why we should hire a lawyer on our behalf. They know the roadmap, so it is easy for them to get on track on where we are in our legal adventure.


Overall, immigration lawyers are there to help us complete the process faster, with more chances of getting things right in our favor. However, these professionals are genies, and they can’t overcompensate the things that we wanted to accomplish. We have to consider that they are more comparable to a tour guide that will tell us more information about the things that we are looking for during our trips.