Lawyers: When Do We Need Their Services

It is common knowledge that all legal matters need a lawyer’s intervention. However, this is not always the case.

That raises the question, when do we exactly need lawyers and their services? Will they do us any good, or is it just a waste of money to hire their expertise? Let us discuss it, and we’ll know more details about it.

The first in the pipeline is learning the two legal categories in our judiciary system. The first one is a Civil Law, and the second is Criminal Law.

CIVIL LAW – Lawyers often describe civil law as a legal area where all parties involved did not do any criminal charges. In some instances, civil cases often have one party that we can tag as people or entities that have been wronged and are seeking some sort of compensation for the trouble that happened.

Civil law is also applicable in all legal agreements such as real estate investment transactions, custody battle, divorce and separation, and many other cases with a bunch of paperwork and documentation.

CRIMINAL LAW – On the other hand, criminal law has something to do with offenses that directly break the written law of a specific area or district. It could either be a local city, state-wide code, or in the whole federal government.

In criminal cases, lawyers and attorneys are either publicly hired or private practitioners. They usually act as the prosecution and defense, which handles misdemeanors to a full-scale felony case.



The law can also separate couples who have been bound by the law. In this instance, people who mutually agree to go on their way can hire a divorce attorney and rightly divide all resources produced by the couple’s union.

This applies to all of their assets, as well as all of their responsibilities. All of the paperwork and documentation for this can be tedious for those who are not familiar with the process, and hiring an expert on the issue might be the best way for us to go.


It does not matter if you are founding a mega-corporation or just a small garage business. In every business, you need to hire a lawyer to manage all of the legal needs of your investment. This also provides you enough protection against whose nasty and unfair deal that you’ll come across at one point in your business career.


The workplace can sometimes be nasty for regular people, especially if we are in the middle of a dispute between a company and the worker’s union. In this instance, it might be best to get legal advice from a lawyer about the ins and outs of the process.

We have to consider that these lawyers deal with local, state, and even federal laws, and it might be too much for a regular person to cope up with all of the information they needed to win their case.


Lawsuits and lawyers always come into one package. So if ever we found ourselves dealing against a trial, we need to hire a competent attorney to help us with our defense or deal with the prosecution. We also need to consider that most lawsuits got settled with an out of court settlements so we need to get a lawyer that is good in negotiation.


Inheritance is often the main reason why many family members broke out and went on their separate ways. Now, to avoid this kind of event, signing a will is the way to go. This will save up time, money and effort of those everyone that was involved in getting a piece of your money and properties.


For us to legally place your status, a bankruptcy lawyer is required. Though most of the professional usually ask for their payment upfront, there are others where we can negotiate the terms of payment for a more favorable one.


In the past couple of years, there were many reports about workmen’s compensation and disability claim denials. Most of the time, it goes down the wire and the success of their claim rests in the hands of their personal attorneys in one of their trials.

However, not all people fought their rights and easily gave up after their claims got denied. Whatever happens, don’t be the latter. If your primary concern is about the service fee, don’t fret since most lawyers are okay to get their payments once both parties agree to have a settlement regarding the issue.


There are myriad small things in the legal world that don’t require us to be represented by lawyers. Some of them are listed below.


Most of the time, traffic tickets are settled after we pay the fine, and everything will return to normal. However, this drastically changes when we gained enough points that may warrant our license to be suspended. This also affects the premium that we pay for our auto insurance, and if this is the case, we can ask help from a seasoned lawyer and maybe (just maybe!) they can do something to reduce our offense. We will still pay the fine and the professional fee of that lawyer, but we won’t get much hit in our insurance cost.


For lawsuits that we do not want to contest and we already know that the other party is aiming for a settlement with us, it will save us a lot, both in time and money, if we grab the opportunity and do a no-contest plea. This will cut off the time needed for the proceeding without the need to hire a personal lawyer to represent you in court.