Hollywood Relationship Goals: The Most Long-lasting Celeb Couples

Let’s face it: when it comes to Hollywood, most marriages and relationships are often short-lived. There are many reasons behind why these stars and their partners end up splitting and needing divorce lawyers even after nearly a decade of togetherness. In this list, however, we will be celebrating those couples who have overcome what has been deemed impossible.

We’ll also look a bit into their story; how they met and what helped them last in this age where separations are as easy as a phone call. In honor of love, here are the celebrities who prove it is absolutely possible to find “the one.”


Nakyung Park is a painter who skyrocketed to fame because of her marriage to actor Wesley Snipes. The twosome reportedly started dating around the late 1990s and exchanged wedding vows in 2003 in a small ceremony that took place in New Jersey. Together, they have four kids.

As you probably know, Snipes was one of Hollywood’s most prominent action stars of the 1990s, starring in noteworthy films such as Demolition Man and the Blade trilogy. With a 5th-degree black belt in karate, it’s no wonder why he entered the silver screen with prowess in martial arts and stunts. Still, he gravitated towards comedic performances in other films such as To Wong Foo. Not long after, the action star ventured into launching his own production company for movies and television shows. He also established a security agency focused on assisting VIPs.


Gabourey Sidibe’s debut in show business began when she starred in the 2009 film Precious. What’s even more precious about the actress is the fact that she’s smitten with her fiancé Brandon Frankel. The award-winning star is so lucky that she finally found the love of her life despite her hectic schedule and the little-to-no privacy that she has as a Hollywood actress.

The couple reportedly began dating in May 2019 but made it official on social media two months later. Frankel, who works in the entertainment, branding, and marketing business, popped the question to Sidibe in November 2020. The Empire star revealed the great news via a sweet Instagram announcement, where she lovingly referred to Frankel as her “best friend.” While there are still no details about their wedding or investment planning, we wish them all the happiness in this new chapter of their lives!


Barbara Mandrell is an American singer and actress with a record-breaking career that has spanned over four decades. She has undoubtedly achieved legendary status in the country music industry after launching her career as a child prodigy. Her crossover to television and pop music earned her accolades and credits worldwide. In addition to a flourishing career, she has been a loving wife in real life.

Mandrell married her husband, Ken Dudney, in the late 1960s. The lovebirds met when the singer’s father hired Dudney to be the drummer of the family band. Since then, the lovely pair built successful careers together. When asked about their secret to her happy marriage, Mandrell said it was God who held their union together for decades. While looking at them now, it seems like they are as in love as at the start of their relationship!


Tina Turner has built a career on perseverance, strength, and continuous innovation. She’s a superstar, a legend, and a source of inspiration for people across the globe. Until today, Turner continues to make investments in the music scene in more ways than one. From being honored in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and selling out arenas to paving the way for a few of rock’s biggest stars, she has got it all— love included.

In 1985, Turner met her husband Erwin Bach, who was a label executive at the European branch of EMI. In her self-titled documentary, she describes meeting her husband as “love at first sight” when he came to pick her up at the airport. Despite the 16-year age gap, their romance quickly progressed. Nearly three decades after meeting in the 1980s, the pair wed in 2013 in Switzerland on their lavish estate.


For months, there were reports that singer Janet Jackson and her former beau Jermaine Dupri are getting back together. While the two neither confirmed the news, a source revealed that they are reconnecting and “getting close again.”

In case you don’t know, the pair dated for seven years before going their separate ways in 2009. They moved on with their lives, with Jackson marrying Wissam Al Mana.

However, they later hired lawyers to process their separation. Now that she and Dupri are both single, reports have surfaced that they are talking again and are “consistently in contact.” Just recently, the Together Again hitmaker took to Instagram to commemorate Dupri’s birthday by posting their throwback photo with a brief but sweet message: “Sending luv to u today.” As expected, the post went viral, and fans are excited about them officially announcing their relationship. For now, we’ll just let them enjoy their privacy.


Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian’s romance actually began by chance. The latter knew little about tennis, and the tennis star never tried using Reddit, but their union was nevertheless a match made in heaven. From their gorgeous wedding to their child’s birth, the pair has certainly weathered many storms in life.

The two first met in 2015 when they booked the same hotel in Rome, Italy. The athlete and the tech entrepreneur met by chance at the hotel restaurant when Williams invited the Reddit founder to join her and her friends at the table. Their friendship blossomed into a full-blown romance. They welcomed their daughter, Alexis Olympia, in 2017, and from there, they have shared a huge degree of support for their growing family. Ohanian even became a tennis fan and is often seen accompanying his wife to her games.


Ice Cube has built an empire with his investments in film, music, and sports. As one of the members of the hip-hop group N.W.A., he expanded his profile and has become one of the iconic pioneers of the industry. Needless to say, he didn’t achieve all these things alone. He has had his wife, Kimberly Jackson, by his side for more than 30 years. Though Kimberly likes to stay out of the spotlight, it’s obvious that she’s had a huge impact on his career.

The two met in 1988. At the time, Ice Cube reportedly had an immediate attraction when he first met Kimberly. He even thought to himself, “She could be your woman.” Soon after, the pair started dating and got engaged three years later. Their firstborn, O’Shea Jackson Jr., was born in 1991, and the following year, they got hitched. The celebrity couple has since welcomed four more kids to their family.


In 2008, Jordan and Yvette Prieto met at the All-Star Party of the Major League Baseball. It is said that they fell in love at first sight. Since then, Yvette Prieto has become a shadow of Jordan’s side, and Jordan also admitted that they are in love.On April 28, 2013, after five years of dating, 50-year-old Michael Jordan finally married 35-year-old Yvette Prieto. The wedding took place in Palm Beach, Florida. Behind every legend, there’s a woman who holds the family unit together. In Michael Jordan’s case, the woman would be his wife, Yvette Prieto.

They might be one of the newer marriages on our list, but that doesn’t make them any less worthy of being on it. The Cuban born former model has worked for top designers before choosing to live a more private life with family. They first met in 2007 and got married in 2013—the wedding cost $10 million in investment money. Certainly a grand show of love! In 2014, the beautiful couple welcomed their twins, Victoria and Ysabel.


The couple established the “Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation” , which is mainly a charity organization that supports youth and families. The foundation works with non-profit organizations such as the Youth Construction Group and the American Lupus Erythematosus Foundation. Before marrying Will Smith, Pinkett was a close friend of the late West Coast hip-hop singer Tupac Shakur. This couple has always been very open about their marriage struggles and how much work it takes when it comes to keeping it together.

Being one of Hollywood’s most iconic couples doesn’t come easy! The first met when Jada auditioned for Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She didn’t get the role, but won over Will’s heart. They started dating soon after and got married back in 1997. They have two children together, Willow and Jaden. Through the years, there have been numerous rumours about them talking to divorce lawyers. But time and again, the Smiths have proven that their relationship is solid and only getting stronger.


When rowan atkinson was 59 years old, he fell in love with the 31-year-old actress Louise Ford, who was nearly 30 years younger than him. Their relationship developed rapidly. Although Rowan initially tended to keep his  life low-key, he now often attends public occasions with his girlfriend. In December 2017, Louise Ford gave birth to a child. It often happens that couples who are both actors tend to have very short-lived relationships due to the nature of the job.

Rowan Atkinson, as you might already know, portrays the iconic character of Mr. Bean. Meanwhile, Louis portrays Kate Middleton in the comedy show, The Windsors. Needless to say, there woul plenty of laughs between these two. They also deserve credit for making things work despite the 29-year age gap and their careers. In fact, the couple welcomed their first child back in 2017 with Rowan even taking a year off of work to focus on their baby.


After breaking up with Adam, Bell moved with her photographer friend Brooke Daniells. This move triggered many rumors, suggesting that Bell and Brooke are in a relationship. Brooke Daniells is married and she has two children named Dane and Chapel. However, the identity of the husband is still a secret. This couple has been together since 2012 and has mostly kept things low profile, with them hardly ever being seen in public.

Catherine Bell is best remembered for portraying Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie in the show, JAG. She was also Isabella Rossellini’s body double in the film, Death Becomes Her. She was married to Adam Beason and had two children with him, but their marriage ended with divorce lawyers. Fortunately, she found fellow Scientologist Brooke Daniells, who is a photographer and party planner. There might be a bit of an age gap between them, but these two were able to overcome those differences.


Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone was born in New York, USA on July 6, 1946. He is an Italian-American painter, actor, screenwriter, director and producer. Stallone entered the showbiz in 1970. In 1976, he wrote and acted the first film in the “Rocky” series. In 1977, he was nominated for Best Actor and Best Screenplay at the 49th Oscar and 34th American Golden Globe Awards for his movie “Rocky”.

They met each other when Sylvester was 42 and Jennifer was 19. After two marriages that ended in divorce lawyers, the actor wasn’t looking to date but met Jennifer by chance. Some might think this was ill-timed, given the fact that his career and personal life weren’t in the best place—but it seems Jennifer brought the luck and love that he so direly needed. It was quite a risk for someone so young, especially since the actor’s reputation precedes him, but if their 23 years together is proof of anything—it’s that things often end up working out when you least expect it.


Elton Hercules John , formerly known as Reginald Kenneth Dwight, was born on March 25, 1947 in London, England. He is a British singer and songwriter. Author, piano player, actor, philanthropist. In 2005, Elton John formed a civil partnership with film producer David Furnish. In September 2009, Elton John planned to adopt a 14-month-old baby from an AIDS orphanage in Ukraine, but was rejected due to his age and status.

They met in 1993, during a dinner party that a friend of Elton’s was putting together. At the time, David wasn’t even too keen on attending and had the intention to leave early, but found the love of his life there instead. According to the Rocketman, there was an instant attraction and their relationship progressed quickly—becoming a couple the day after! They couldn’t make things official until 2005, however. This was when the Civil Partnership Act was enacted, allowing same-sex couples to enter a civil partnership in the UK. Needless to say, don’t expect them to call divorce lawyers in this lifetime.


Anthony Fauci and Christine Grady might just have the cutest love story ever. As an attending physician and clinical nurse specialist, the two met over “the bed of a patient.” The person they’re tending to at the time was Portuguese, and Christine was the only one who could talk to him in the same language. Anthony told Christine everything the patient had to do to go home. Though the patient disapproved, Christine lied to Anthony to grant the patient’s request, and the president’s chief medical advisor fell in love.

Christine then received a call from Anthony, thinking she would be fired for deceiving him, but he invited her for dinner instead. From there, the rest was history, as they say.  Despite the degree of controversy surrounding the immunologist, Christine said he’s not as “scary” as people picture him out to be. She found Anthony young and handsome, and now, the famed nurse is still deeply in love after 36 years of marriage.


The moment Rachel Maddow and Susan Mikula met, the former knew she would be her “endgame.” The famed TV host credits her partner as the “center of her universe.” Their love story seemed to be a romantic movie. Susan hired Rachel to be her handywoman to help her with some yard work, but little did she know that she would be the love of her life.

The first time they laid their eyes on each other was love at first sight. They started dating, and though they’re casually seeing other people then, they realized they only wanted one another. Rachel and Susan had a number of unconventional dates, including walking in the graveyard in the evening. The couple didn’t have to use their credit cards here, as they already found joy in looking at the 19th-century gravestones. This led to 22 years of romance and a bond that would stick through thick and thin.


Tim Allen (born Timothy Alan Dick; June 13, 1953) is an American comedian, actor, voice-over artist, and entertainer, known for his role in the sitcom Home Improvement. He is also known for his starring roles in several popular films, including the Toy Story film series, The Santa Clause film series, and Galaxy Quest. Allen currently stars in the ABC sitcom Last Man Standing. Tim and his wife, Jane, dated for about six years before deciding to tie the knot in 2006.

The ceremony was very private, with only their immediate family present. This includes Tim’s daughter, Katherine. It seems the saying, that love is sweeter the second time around rings true for the actor. After his first marriage ended in divorce attorneys, he must have felt as if he would never find love anew. However, things changed after he met actress Jane Hajduk. This couple chose to do things slow and steady. In fact, they waited three years before they had a child together, their daughter, Elizabeth.


Ron Howard was born on March 1, 1954 in Duncan, Oklahoma, USA. He is an American actor, director, and film producer. Outside of work, Ron Howard spends time with his wife Cheryl in his Connecticut home. They have established a relationship since high school. Now they have four children, three of them are raised in a refuge. The couple disagrees that the children become actors before they become adults.

Some find the love of their life after a number of failed relationships; then, there are the lucky few who find them early on. Such is the case with Oscar-winning director Ron Howard and his wife, Cheryl. They were each other’s high school sweetheart! Ron, who directed blockbusters such as Apollo 13, says that there is no technique when it comes to longevity in marriage. Instead, he gives credit to proper communication in their relationship. Together, the couple has four children: the actress, Bryce Dallas Howard, their twins Paige and Jocelyn, and their youngest son Reed. All of whom are successful on their own.

David Birney and Meredith Baxter

Actor and director David Birney exchanged wedding vows with fellow Hollywood star Meredith Baxter in 1974. The pair starred alongside each other in the 1970s television show Bridget Loves Bernie. Together, they welcomed three kids: Kathleen Jeanne and twins Peter David Edwin and Mollie Elizabeth. Sadly, after 15 years of marriage, Birney and Baxter decided to go their separate ways. Nevertheless, it’s safe to say that their marriage is still one of Hollywood’s longest lasting.

Birney’s entertainment career has included performances in classical and contemporary roles in film, television, and theatre. He holds a bachelor’s degree with “High Distinction” in English Literature from Dartmouth College and earned an M.A. in Theatre Arts from UCLA, studying with William Melnitz and Ralph Freud. Some of the flicks he appeared in are Prettykill, Nightfall, and Trial by Combat. Outside of show business, he also served as the Children’s Rights Council’s advisor.

Pat Sajak and Lesly Brown

Pat Sajak has been considered a TV icon for his long-running hosting job. The Wheel of Fortune host has risen the Hollywood ranks from being a radio broadcaster to a weatherman to a fan-favorite game show fixture, earning a Guinness World Record for being the longest host of the game show we have mentioned. The world may know Sajak for his professional life, but his family life has been kept under the radar.

You may ask, is Pat Sajak married? Well, the host tied the knot with Lesly Brown in 1989. They met through a common pal in 1988 at a restaurant in Irvine, California. It was probably love at first sight as they wed a year later. Brown earned a degree in television production from the University of Maryland in 1986. She now works as a photographer and occasionally appears at promotional events for her husband’s game show.

Meredith Baxter and Nancy Locke

Meredith Baxter, widely recognized for her role as Elyse Keaton in Family Ties, wed her longtime partner, Nancy Locke, in December 2013. Locke is a general contractor whom the actress has lived with since 2005. Since exchanging their “I do’s”, the couple has remained strong together despite the many challenges they faced, including Baxter’s coming out as a lesbian on television. Following her revelation, the actress became bold enough to voice out other issues concerning her personal life. Through it all, Locke backed her up and had been her source of solid support.

Aside from Family Ties, Baxter has also made investments in the world of cinema, having starred in Undateable John, Airline Disaster, and Reading Writing and Romance. At her career’s peak, she appeared in television commercials, co-hosted talk shows, and created a skincare line. She also published a memoir entitled Untied.

Parker Schnabel and Ashley Youle

Parker Schnabel has become famous in recent years, thanks to the reality series Gold Rush: Alaska. With his popularity, people associated with him got their share of the limelight as well, including Ashley Youle, who was his girlfriend.

The two were together from 2016 to 2018 until they decided to go their separate ways. The two met accidentally in 2016 but soon began a romantic relationship. Schnabel asked his girlfriend to call a moving company and come with him to the US. She accepted his offer, and after obtaining a tourist visa, the duo ventured on a trip that would change their lives. Once settled in Alaska, Youle joined the reality star in his endeavors, becoming featured in the TV show Gold Rush: Alaska. Following their split, Youle has moved on with her life and now works as a veterinary nurse.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Riley Roberts

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may be vocal about her work as a public servant, but she’s pretty tight-lipped when it comes to her relationship. With that said, her boyfriend, web developer Riley Roberts, is also as lowkey as she is to the degree that people might not even know they are a couple.

The two met at Boston University at a weekly meeting hosted by the dean. As we’ve mentioned, they’re quite mum about their relationship, and their mutual friends did not even know they were dating. Occasionally, though, Roberts is featured on Ocasio-Cortez’s social media. He also starred in the representative’s Netflix documentary. As for his work, Roberts is a consultant in tech startups, helping them grow revenue using development and marketing. He is also the head of marketing at HomeBinder, Inc., and of course, the number one fan of his girlfriend.


We know Tom Selleck best as Thomas Magnum on Magnum P.I., but unlike his tough-guy roles on TV—he is a loving husband to his wife of over three decades, Jillie Mack. Like Tom, Jillie is also an accomplished actress and dancer, who is best known for portraying, Rumpleteazer on Cats. Prior to their meeting, Tom already went through divorce lawyers with his first wife. This didn’t stop love from blossoming between them, however.

In 1987, they were married in Nevada—at a 24-hour wedding chapel using different names! They did reveal their real identities before saying their vows, making sure that everything is official. Like all other love stories, their 30-year-old marriage also started with some hurricanes. With their perseverance to stay together, they made it and happily living the best of their life as couples. Tom and Jillie also established different parenting hacks that guide them in raising their kids.


He might be best known for bad boy roles, especially on The Young and the Restless, but in real life, Eric Braeden is one loyal husband. In fact, he has been married to Dale Russell Gudegast for over five decades now. In 1966, Eric married his college sweetheart—just like a love story straight from the movies. Fitting, since Dale is an actress herself, having appeared in the film Holiday in the Sun. Eric and Dale have been blessed with only one son, Christian, and is now a successful screenwriter.

It is fun to have a successful family in the entertainment industry because Christian also gets advice and insights from his outstanding father. Perhaps one of the most admirable things about the couple is that they remain expressive of their love and appreciation for each other, which is essential for a marriage to work well. The degree of which is undoubtedly enviable!


Tucker Carlson has only been married once, and it’s to his wife of 30 years, Susan Andrews. He may be a tough political commentator, but for his spouse, he’s a softie. The couple has known each other almost all their lives. They first met when they were only 15 years old and in the 10th grade. In fact, Tucker described the young Susan as the cutest 10th grader he saw.

Mrs. Andrews can even vividly recall that moment. He was wearing a pair of khaki pants, a ribbon belt and looked very optimistic. Everything seemed to be fine between the two, but there was a catch. Susan was the headmaster’s daughter, so could you imagine the degree of pressure Tucker must have felt then? With the brave face and clean intention, however, Tucker asked her dad if he could have her hand for marriage. You probably know what happened next, as Tucker and Susan are now happily living together with four kids.


Connie Chung and Maury Povich are a match made in heaven. Maury is an icon TV personality, best known as the host of the talk show Maury, while Connie is a successful journalist. They have been married for 37 years, but they started dating long before that. Connie and Maury have been together for 43 years!

That’s a remarkable feat for any couple to achieve. The two proudly shared in a 2020 interview that they’re still as happy as they were when they started dating in 1978. What makes their union this strong? Connie and Maury credit their shared sense of humor and readiness to forgive each other, helping them stay married for almost four decades. Maury said any arguments they had during the day would be gone the next day after they slept. Connie, on the other hand, commended his words and admired his way but joked that she held grudges.



Adam Sandler is one of the busiest actors in the industry. He has films after films. But despite his busy schedule, he always has time for his wife of 17 years Jackie Sandler and their two kids, Sadie, 14 and Sunny, 11. Adam Sandler was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA on September 9, 1966. He is an American actor. At the age of 17, he took his first stage performance in a comedy club in Boston. Sandler found that he could easily amused the audience, and since then he has determined to become a comedian who can make everyone laugh.

Jackie used to be a model. He was trying to find a big break in the entertainment industry when she had a minor role in Adam’s movie, Big Daddy. Here, she played the role of a waitress who would take Sonny’s (Adam) order in a sports bar. When the movie was released in 1999, they were already dating. From here, she started to have movie credits in Adam’s other films. They ended up tying the knot in 2003.


Shaquille O’Neal was born in Newak, New Jersey, USA on March 6, 1972. He is a former American professional basketball player and center, nicknamed “Big Shark. “In 1990, the eighteen-year-old O’Neill entered the business department of Louisiana State University (LSU) and joined the school basketball team. When he was on the LSU basketball team, he won two NCAA Southern Best Players. His marriage with Shaunie O’Neal may have ended in divorce attorneys, but Shaquille isn’t giving up on love anytime soon.

In fact, he’s been seen out and about with a number of gorgeous women, including his current girlfriend, Dani Nicole. The couple was photographed enjoying a European holiday, lazing aboard a yacht. Little is known about Dani, aside from the fact that she is a fairly well-known model hailing from Houston, Texas. There might be quite a significant age gap between the two, Shaq is 48 years old and Dani is said to be 26, but that hasn’t stopped this couple from enjoying each other’s company.


Ozzy Osbourne, formerly known as John Michael Osbourne, was born in Birmingham, England on December 3, 1948. He is a British rock singer. After the release of Never Say Die in 1978, Ozzy Osbourne continued to drink heavily due to the death of his father. His depressed mental state could not keep up with the band’s beat, and was expelled by BLACK SABBATH. With the help of his wife and manager Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy gradually cheered up and began to form his own band.

We saw how crazy their family can get on the reality-TV show, The Osbournes, but despite all of the trials and difficulties they went through, this couple stayed steadfast. Sure, Sharon left the rocker briefly back in 2016 after one of his affairs became public, but these two chose to reunite instead of getting a divorce. It must have been a tough choice, but that’s how we know their love is real. Ozzy isn’t as active with Black Sabbath as before and Sharon has only done hosting jobs in recent years, but these two will probably need not worry about experiencing bankruptcy in this lifetime!


Jodie Foster was born on November 19, 1962 in California, USA. She is an American film and television actor. Judy Foster’s career began when she was three years old. As a Coppertone Girl, she worked as a child model and filmed some TV commercials. In 1968, she participated in the TV show Mayberry R. F. D. as an actress. We’ve got to give credit to Silence of the Lambs actress Jodie Foster for taking a stand and publicly acknowledging her sexual orientation during the 2013 Golden Globes.

She had previously been in a long-term relationship with Cydney Bernard, and the couple has two children together. Sadly, they separated in 2008. Fortunately for Jodie, she found love once more with Alexandra Hedison. The actress-photographer, who also starred in The L Word. Just like Jodie, she has also directed a number of films. The couple dated for about a year before deciding to make things official and getting married in 2014 in a private ceremony.


Garth Brooks was born on February 7, 1962 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is the most important country singer since the 1990s. As a child, Garth was interested in music and often sang at family gatherings, but he focused more on sports. As a javelin thrower, Garth won most of Oklahoma State University’s scholarships, but he gave up his sports career During college , at that period Brooks began to sing in Oklahoma local clubs, and often collaborated with lead guitarist Ty England.

Many couples tend to avoid working in the same office, sometimes even in the same field. It could create tension and disharmony if they are not careful after all. But for Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, they have spent 15 years creating beautiful music together and are still going strong. The couple first met back in 1987, when they were both struggling musicians—before the fame.
The pair got married in 2005 after Garth proposed in front of thousands of concert-goers! These days, their investments go beyond music. Trisha also hosts her own show on the Food Network, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen.


Barbra Streisand was born on April 24, 1942 in Brooklyn, New York City, USA. She is an American female singer, actor, director, and producer. In 1952, the ten-year-old Barbara wanted to be a performer and studied ballet for half a year. In 1961, Barbra Streisand signed with Columbia Records. In 1963, she released her first music album of the same name “Barbra Streisand”. In the case of Barbra Streisand and her husband, James Brolin, both went through difficulties with love before finally ending up in each other’s arms.

They met in 1996, at a dinner party that was set up by a common friend. Instead of instant sparks, Barbra was surprised at first sight. “Who screwed up your hair?” was what she asked The Westworld actor—but instead of getting offended, Josh fell in love. Only a year after dating, these two decided to tie the knot. It might have been a quick courtship, but they have managed to keep divorce lawyers away for more than two decades.


Michelle Pfeiffer was born in Santa Ana, California, USA on April 29, 1958. She is an American film and television actor and producer. Before she drove to Hollywood, Pfeiffer worked as a cashier lady at the local supermarket and was then elected to Miss Orange County. It was in 1993 when Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley were set up by a common friend—it wasn’t exactly a fine dinner type of date, however.

When they met, Michele was in the process of adopting Claudia Rose, and David helped along the way. We’re guessing things worked out well for them as only ten months later, they got married! Just nine months after, they were blessed with their first son, John Henry. The couple maintains a low profile, despite the fact that they both have Hollywood careers. We’re sure they also have the best home security systems to ensure their privacy further.


Robert Downey Jr. was born in New York, USA on April 4, 1965. He is an American actor, singer and producer. In 1970, 5-year-old Robert Downey Jr. participated in his first movie “Life of Dogs”. In 1992, he starred in the biographical film “Charlie Chaplin”, and won the 65th Academy Awards for Best Actor. In “Charlie Chaplin”, Downey fully grasped Chaplin’s personal characteristics. He used a young face to express the helplessness, anger and desire for love of the comedy king.

There’s no doubt, Robert Downey Jr. is one very lucky guy. He has managed to revive a career that was once destroyed by his personal issues—to the point where his first marriage ended in divorce lawyers. Since then, he has gotten his life on track and starred in some of the biggest movie franchises, including Avengers and Sherlock Holmes. He would later meet the love of his life, Susan Downey, on the set of Gothika. It took a while, but he managed to win her over. The couple were wed in a Jewish ceremony back in 2005 and have been together for 15 years!


Triple H (or HHH, Hunter Hearst Helmsley), whose real name is Paul Michael Levesque, is a professional American wrestler, currently working for the World Wrestling Entertainment Company (WWE). Speaking of being strong, especially when people mention The King of Kings, no one would have thought that The King of Kings was once a 135-pound “skinny man” . When he received a free one-week invitation from a local gym, at that summer, the fate of a 14-year-old boy who was “slim and slender” would change forever.

The WWE might be all fun and games for its loyal audience, but for Triple H, things certainly got serious when he met Stephanie McMahon. His wife of 17 years is a fellow wrestler and the daughter of WWE promoter, Vince McMahon. They began their relationship in private during the early 2000s and then got married in 2003. It wasn’t an easy journey for the couple, however, and Triple H is first to admit that Vince made it a “unique experience” for him. We’re sure he wouldn’t have had it any other way. To their credit, the couple now has three daughters and is still going strong.


Martin Sheen, who has won many Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards, is the most famous, legendary and superb acting actor in the United States. The Ohio native’s films, including Captain Benjamin L. Willard starring in Francis Coppola’s masterpiece “Apocalypse Now”, have won him worldwide recognition.His other famous works include “Wall Street” (starring with his sons Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas), Oscar-winning film “Gandhi” (with Ben Kingsley), “Catch Me If You Can “(With Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks), The American President” (with Douglas and Annette Bening) and so on.

Spending almost six decades of one’s life with another person might seem unimaginable for some, but Martin and Janet Sheen prove that it can be done. Together, they have four children: Charlie, Emilio, Ramon, and Renee. Throughout their marriage, Janet has also always told him the truth—never hesitating to do so. Whilst this might be a flaw to others, Martin is very thankful for the fact. Calling himself fortunate for marrying the “scariest woman he has ever met”. Both Martin and Janet work in the industry. She’s received credit as an actress and producer for films such as Kennedy and Beverly Hills Brats.


Tom Hanks was born on July 9, 1956 in Concord, California, USA. He is a Greek and American actor.There are always actors who get old unconsciously. You might still think that “The Philadelphia Story”, “Forrest Gump”, “Saving Private Ryan”, and “The Terminal” are still yesterday. In fact, they are all movies from more than ten or even twenty years ago. Tom and Rita are just two of Tinseltown’s most beloved couples. They first met on the set of Bosom Buddies, back in 1981.

But, even before this meeting, Tom already had quite a crush on Rita—after seeing her on The Brady Brunch. Who would’ve thought that they would later be paired in a film? Thanks to the Volunteers, these two got even closer—marrying just three years after shooting the movie. Since then, Tom has also always given credit to Rita when it comes to his award show speeches. The most memorable? His Oscar wins in 1995 for Forrest Gump.


Aaron Rodgers was born on December 2, 1983 in Chico, California, USA. He is an American professional football player who plays for the Green Bay Packers.Rogers was selected by the Green Bay Packers in the 2005 NFL Draft. Rogers, known for his passing efficiency and mobility, has twice won the regular season MVP and led the Packers to win the 45th Super Bowl. He is also the player with the highest Passer Rating in NFL history.

They may say that opposites attract, but two people who share similar passions make for a compatible couple. Just take footballer Aaron Rodgers and his girlfriend, NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick. The couple first met back in 2012 during the ESPYs, which brings athletes from different fields together. They were friends even before, but this encounter made them realize just how similar they really were. They confirmed their relationship in 2018, with both splitting up with their former partners just a year before. Perhaps it’s time for a bit of money management in case they decided to tie the knot soon!


Cosby’s creation goes deep into people’s daily life, and his humor permeates the basic elements of life. Cosby’s comedies do not have endless tricks and vulgar humor but has a key point, that is, Let people learn to think in laughter. Cosby, who is over 80 years old, is indeed an incredible man. He was born in poverty, but now he has huge wealth. They say true love stands the test of time. But for Bill and Camille Cosby, it’s more than that. They chose to stick together “for better or for worse” and are now celebrating 56 years of marriage.

The couple met while at the University of Maryland, where they were paired on a blind date. They got married on January 25, 1964, and were blessed with five children together. Amidst the controversies and hardships Mr. and Mrs. Cosby faced, Camille stood by her husband’s side. To her credit, she proved that trials don’t tear them apart but instead, make their love and marriage grow stronger.


Chevy Chase is an American actor, screenwriter, and producer. He was born on October 8, 1943 in Woodstock, New York. Because of “Saturday Night Live”, he was successful in the film industry. In films such as “Caddyshack” and “National Lampoon” in the 1980s, Chevy fully demonstrated his comedic talent. But with the successive failures of films such as “Memoirs of an Invisible Man” and “Cops and Robbersons” in the 90s, his career fell into a bottom.

When it comes to marriages, some people simply don’t get it right the first time. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try again, however. For Chevy Chase, the third time truly was a charm because that’s when he met Jayni Ann Luke. They were both working in the same movie set, and Jayni was one of the production coordinators. Sounds like serendipity, doesn’t it? Well, not quite. See, Jayni wasn’t really looking to date back then. Still, Chevy put in the work and made investments towards pursuing her. His efforts weren’t for naught, fortunately. To quote the actor, “She was angry that she fell in love.”


Mark Hamill was born in California, USA on September 25, 1951. He is an American actor. In 1977, Mark got a chance to play the leading role in Lucas’s “Star Wars” series. “Luke Skywalker” has grown from an ambitious space ranger to a mature and wise warrior.  This role brought him huge gains and made him a well-known star worldwide. But it was still unable to get the fans out of this stereotype, which affected his future development.

er four decades of being together, it’s clear that they are as in love as ever. Their first meeting wasn’t exactly the most romantic, however. The pair first met each other at a dentist’s office. At the time, Marilou York was working as a dental hygienist and Mark? Well, he was just making good use of his dental insurance that day and was among her patients. The Star Wars actor made the first move, but Marilou didn’t exactly respond as he expected. She may have been lukewarm at first, but they began dating shortly after that. According to Mark, it was “love at first laugh”.


Jamie Lee Curtis was born on November 22, 1958 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is an American actress and the most famous “horror movie queen” in Hollywood. Christopher Guest was born in New York on February 5, 1948. He is an American actor, screenwriter, and director, His representative works include “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” and so on. She might be everyone’s favorite scream queen, but tough-as-nails actress Jamie Lee Curtis does have one weakness, her husband, Christopher Guest.

It all started with a little crush. Back in 1984, Jamie spotted Christopher on her copy of Rolling Stone magazine—even back then, the actress was sure she’d marry him one day. Perhaps fate was listening to her because it didn’t take too long for these two to get together. After a few months of dating, they got married and later adopted their two kids. To their credit, despite personal struggles, they stayed strong and weathered all of it together.


As a father of 4 children, Denzel Washington taught his children that this world is not a perfect place, but he also asked them not to be beaten by imperfections. He said, “Don’t be a person with a grudge. Don’t let resentment ruin you. Instead, conquer it and forget the past. If you want, let hatred become a lesson. ” When it comes to making relationships work in Hollywood and in general, knowing how to keep things private is imperative.

Just take cues from Denzel and Pauletta Washington; the couple has kept things low-key over the years but has occasionally given small glimpses into their life as a married couple. For example, they first met back in 1977 on the set of Wilma, a TV movie. Their first date was on Valentine’s Day, and Pauletta actually turned down his wedding proposal twice! Of course, every relationship takes work, and to their credit, the couple continues to invest in it. The result speaks for itself.


Sigourney and Jim first met at the Moscow Art Theatre back in 1983. They spent that first night dancing and have yet to really stop. Sigourney’s career is getting better and better, but there is nothing more important to her than family. “I have a very good husband. I hope that I can spend more time with my family instead of filming so often. My daughter is also a very patient girl who supports my career. I think my family is More important than work. ” When Sigourney said these words, Sigourney’s husband and daughter stood quietly beside her, watching her smile sweetly.

Sigourney and Jim are another couple who proves that age gaps matter little. In this case, she is older than her husband by seven years—but you wouldn’t be able to tell that with the way they banter. They’ve even worked together, with Jim directing his wife on the film The Guys. Their daughter Charlotte even got in the fun, receiving acting credit for portraying her own mother’s child in the movie. Talk about keeping it in the family!


Jeremy Irons was born in England on September 19, 1948, a British film and television actor. His fans might be familiar with him through his roles in the films Kingdom of Heaven and in The Man in the Iron Mask. In 1978, he married Irish actress Sinead Cusack , and gave birth to two sons, the eldest son Samuel Irons is a photographer, the younger son Max Irons is an actor, who starred in ” Red Riding Hood”.

For some people, marriage is merely the endgame with very few truly understanding that it’s a continuous cycle of learning, loving, and enduring challenges as a team. This is what it means to be happily married according to actor Jeremy Irons. His wife, actress Sinead Cusack, understands this as well. After all, since they’re both actors, a lot of compromise needs to be made. From trying to work with their schedules to investment planning for the future, it takes two!


Sir Michael Caine was born on March 14, 1933 in the southern suburbs of London, England. He is a British actor.In 2020, Michael Caine played the role of Michael Crosby in the Christopher Nolan action science film “Tenet”. This is the 8th time he has collaborated with Director Nolan. Where other couples have met through parties or work, Michael and Shakira were brought together by an AD.

It was in the 1970s when the actor happened upon a commercial for Maxwell House, a pretty mundane happenstance, save for the fact that he simply couldn’t tear his eyes away from the girl featured in it. He found out her info and called 11 times before Shakira finally said yes to meet him. The Dark Knight actor gives credit to his wife for helping save his life as well. After meeting Shakira, he gave up drinking, for want of a long and sober life with her.


The American “Entertainment Weekly” commented that “Judd Apatow not only brought jokes to the audience, but also changed the entire comedy industry. ” In real life, Apatow is actually very serious when making comedies. He always asks for opinions on the jokes of the film. We’re certain this was love at first sight for the couple, because about a year after, they were married. These two actors first met on the set of The Cable Guy back in 1996.

Leslie was cast as Matthew Broderick’s girlfriend in the film, whilst Judd was working behind the scenes as a producer. As for advice on how to keep a marriage strong, Judd says disagreements keep things healthy. Leslie also jokes about previously holding grudges, but have since changed because of her bad memory. Needless to say, we’ve got to give them credit for keeping things real—imperfections included.


Dustin Hoffman was born on August 8, 1937 in Los Angeles, California. He is an American actor and director. On May 4, 1969, Dustin Hoffman married Anne Bourne Hoffman and gave birth to two daughters, Karina and Jenna. On October 6, 1980, he divorced Anne Byrne Hoffman. On October 12, 1980, Dustin Hoffman married lawyer Lisa Gottsagan and had four more children: Jacob, Max, Rebecca and Alexander.

This husband and wife tandem also understands the need to constantly work on their relationship. In doing so, their love only continues to grow. For them, the investments they put into their marriage is just as important as the ones they make for their children. As you may know, Dustin Hoffman is an established Hollywood actor, and Lisa Hoffman is the head of her own skincare company. Like others on our list, it was also love at first sight for these lovebirds. Together, they have four kids. Despite the age gap, they both share very traditional values—meaning, family is very important for them.


Love or hate Rick Harrison, but we’ve got to give him credit for making TV-watching all the more fun with his show, Pawn Stars. At work, he gets to call the shots, but at home? The real boss is Deanna Burditt—his lovely wife. They first met in 2011 and Rick proposed to her by 2012, which Deanna gladly accepted.

The two got married back in 2013, and since then, she has tried to avoid the media circus that comes with being the partner of a reality-TV star. Their wedding was in beautiful Laguna Beach, California. In front of 180 visitors, they exchanged their ‘I Do’s.’  Until today, Deanna tries to live her life privately even after his husband’s colossal fame. She was never thirsty for the spotlight because her passion is to take care of their kids.


It is a known fact that Valerie Bertinelli is passionate about food—she’s even earned a spot in Food Network’s rosters, with popular shows such as Valerie’s Home Cooking and Family Restaurant Rivals to her name. Aside from cooking and acting, the real love of her life is her husband and the family they have made together. In 2004 she began dating Tom Vitale, a financial planner. They have been together since and tied the knot in 2011.

During their first meeting, they shared that it was not “love at first sight”; it was family first. This thought is far greater than anything else because Tom wants to have a happy family with Valerie. Does Tom cook? Valerie says she’s even stolen recipes from her husband. She will continue to teach her husband different recipes she has learned throughout the years. We’re sure she isn’t half bad when it comes to investment planning as well!


“Love has no age, gender, and race.” is the motto of this lovely couple who defies the odds even after many attacks of people.  Tim may have proposed to Don last year, but these two lovebirds are in no rush to get married. Ever the romantic, Tim chose the most adorable way to pop the question. As seen on Don’s social media, Tim gave their two rescue pups the problematic task of relaying the message. Written on their tags? “Daddy, will you marry papa?” The host of Tonight with Don Lemon couldn’t possibly say no with the sweetest gesture!

As for the wedding, we’re sure this couple will spare no expense when it comes to ensuring it as memorable as possible. Time for some smart money management, right? Wedding planning is one thing that couples must focus on because this event is once in a lifetime.


Former child actress and current Fox Business Network anchor Melissa Wray and successful entrepreneur Wray Thorn have been married since 1997, and together, they have three lovely children. The couple is both Harvard degree holders and met in Boston. Though their background might make the couple seem like they’re all serious business—this isn’t quite the case. In fact, Melissa joked in a US Weekly interview that she married her husband because he said her feet weren’t ugly.

People may think this is funny, which is true, but it also shows how much Francis loves his charming wife. Despite being very busy people with individual careers, these two are still very involved with their children’s lives and each other. She was once diagnosed with the condition that will make it difficult for Melissa to bear children. The investments they are driving along with their life-long career is for the future of their kids.


Wolf and Lynn have been married since 1973. However, Wolf remains very private about his family and hardly shares family photos in social media—preferring to think of himself as a journalist rather than a celebrity. Whilst his job entails a degree of seriousness, his wife Lynn balances things for him. Like all wives, she keeps a private life and focused on taking care of their family. She works as a personal shopper who helps Wolf when it comes to picking out his neckties.

Lynn was never jealous of her husband’s fame because she is already contented being the best wife for him. A small thing to some, but we’re sure the journalist greatly appreciates this. He is a self-professed non-shopper, after all. In their over four decades together, the couple has one daughter, Ilana Blitzer, who works as a beauty editor. Their lives are extraordinary, and even how busy there are with their career, they manage to spend time with their kid.


With over four decades of married life under their belts, Marlo and Phil are using the wisdom they’ve gained to help those who might be having trouble with theirs. Both in their 80’s, they have recently published a new book, “What Makes a Marriage Last: 40 Celebrated Couples Share with Us the Secrets to a Happy Life.” It features some of their celebrity friends whose marriages have lasted, including Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon, among others.

The goal? To figure out what works and what doesn’t. Every marriage, the relationship has its whirlwind of struggles. Their book is impressive to read the different experiences and issues that various couples have encountered. One thing that a couple shared is to never run away with confrontations but always stuck with it. We sure hope this book helps couples avoid the need for divorce lawyers in the future and guide them on making their marriage stronger.


During the 80s, both Phoebe and Kevin were considered to be Hollywood darlings. They had a massive following of fans and starred in some cult favorites of the decade. Phoebe Cates was in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, while Kevin Kline is best known for starring in The Big Chill. The couple has been married since 1989 and now have two grown children. Cates stop appearing in the industry when she had her children to focus on them more. Despite many fans trying to bring her back, she said that what is essential is her kids’ well-being beside her.

They also cite the age difference between them as a factor in their lasting marriage. As for individual careers, Phoebe has investments in her boutique, Blue Tree. Tony-award winner Kevin continues to work as a voice and theatre actor. Kudos to this fantastic couple and an excellent example for many parents!


The host of the Ellen DeGeneres Show and her actress wife knew each other for over two decades before finally getting together and sealing the deal. They made their relationship public back at a time when same-sex couples were still frowned upon. They were wed back in 2008 and were one of the most prominent couples to do so after same-sex marriages were legalized. They never mind the shaming of people because of their sexuality. It even made them prove to people that they can work their relationship together no matter their gender.

Not too long after, however, rumors of them calling lawyers began to circulate. Fortunately, those were nothing more than tabloid fodder, and the couple remains as strong as ever. To quote Ellen, “It’s good to be loved.” Portia knew the first time she met Ellen that this is the right person for her. Despite the rumors of many, their relationship remains to be steadfast.


The pair work for rival networks, but that doesn’t mean it gets in the way of their over two decades of marriage! Al Roker works for NBC’s Today Show, whilst Deborah Roberts works for ABC News. The couple is well-known for their sense of humor, but have also opened up about the different challenges they encountered in the years they’ve been together. It’s not easy, but they must never go to bed without fixing their issues.

They were married back in 1995, with a star-studded guest list that includes Katie Couric, Barbara Walters, and Rudy Giuliani. The two have also published a book, Been There, Done That Family Wisdom for Modern Times, for those looking to keep divorce lawyers at bay. One of the secret recipes for their long-time marriage is acknowledging each other’s presence. They continuously post their pictures together, showing the world how happy they are.


As host of The Oprah Winfrey Show, she has inspired millions around the world. Oprah is one of the most powerful women in media, so it’s surprising how she’s kept her relationship with entrepreneur Stedman Graham very private—which was probably for a good reason. The couple first met in 1986, and though they did not choose to marry, the commitment they have for each other is certainly palpable! Fun fact: Graham has only made three appearances on Oprah’s talk show!

Although successful in their careers, there’s never been competition or comparison between the two. Their children are probably both proud of them. Stedman is always there to support Oprah, and whatever achievements in life she obtained, she thanked her loving husband. We’re sure it’s all about teamwork, whether it be investment planning or love. It is how marriage works, which includes living with each other and fighting the problems together.


While Hollywood is not the best place to find long-term marriages, this couple’s relationship stayed vigorous until today. Christopher Walken is one of the industry’s most talented actors. His appearances in the films The Deer Hunter and The Dogs of War are undoubtedly memorable. On the other hand, his wife Georgianne Walken is an award-winning casting director. The two first met during the tour for West Side Story and got married in 1969.

Although he may often play villainous roles, Georgianne finds all of it interesting—noting that she always sees the twinkle in her husband’s eyes no matter how scary his character is. They chose not to have children, although we’re doubtful that it’s for money management reasons. Nevertheless, this did not affect their relationship at all. Money was never an issue because they both have an excellent career that helped them live a comfortable life and get whatever luxury they want or need.


Since 1957—that’s how long Alan Alda and his wife, Arlene, have been married! The couple started as college sweethearts, but contrary to the idea that such relationships are fleeting, they managed to withstand the test of time. They have three daughters, from whom they have eight grandkids. One wonders, what’s the secret to such longevity in a relationship? Arlene says it’s having a “short memory.”

At the end of the day, whether you’re fighting over petty things or matters of investment money, it is important to remember that the one you’re yelling at is also somebody you love! It isn’t easy to stay in a 62-year-old marriage, but if you stay with someone you cherished so much, it is more comfortable. Regarding his career, Alan continues to appear in different movies and series even at his age. Acting is his passion, and he does not let his age stop him from portraying numerous roles.


Our next couple first met in 1972, and both were in their early twenties at the time. They were both working on Terrence Malick’s Badlands, where Sissy gets credit for being the main actress, whilst Jack was the art director. This wouldn’t be the last time they’ll be working together, however. They got married just two years after this initial meeting, and Jack would go on to direct his actress wife in other productions, including Raggedy Man and Violets are Blue. The award-winning director has definite feelings for Sissy, and until now, he is still head over heels.

Their 43-year-old relationship will not last without a great foundation. It is impressive to see them grow and how their love has blossomed since the beginning of their career. The talented pair has two daughters together, Schuyler and Madison, who probably didn’t have to worry about student loans when they were in school. Both have now established careers in the same industry as their parents.


Woody might be best known for playing quirky characters in films such as Zombieland and The Hunger Games, but he certainly doesn’t kid around when it comes to his marriage. This iconic Hollywood actor takes his marriage seriously and looks where it brought him, more than two decades with the same woman. He and Laura Louie dated for more than a decade before getting married back in 2008. They first met in 1987, when Laura was still working as his assistant and was starting her own business on the side.

Today? That business is Yoganics, the organic food delivery service. This investment is one of the decisions that they made because it can help them a lot in the future. We’ve got to give Laura credit—she’s managed to change this playboy’s views regarding marriage and faithfulness to one’s spouse. Their lifelong marriage and an ongoing relationship are one of the best examples of celebrity couples in the entertainment industry.


Donny and Debbie tied the knot back in 1978; these two have stuck together since, despite the challenges that come with married life, and being constantly in the spotlight. In Donny’s own words, “If I hadn’t married her, I’d have been a mess.” Today, however, the beautiful couple have five children, with whom they have ten grandkids! They met when they were just 15 and 16 years old, respectively. It took three years before Donny finally won her over.

Though there have been temptations for Donny in the past, we’ve got to give him credit for keeping in mind what matters most: family. Donny was always in the public eye because his family has an established career in music. For him, he did not want that fame but eventually follow in the footsteps of his family. Meeting Debbie helped him discover what he wants in life, and today, they are happily living together with their children.


Contrary to the onscreen personas he puts on, Sacha is actually quite a laidback guy. No wonder he’s managed to charm his way into Isla Fisher’s heart. They first met in 2002 during a party in Sydney. Just two years after, the couple announced that they were engaged. Australian actress Isla later converted to Judaism, before they were set to marry in a Jewish ceremony held in Paris, France. They have been wed since 2010 and have three children together!

Isla revealed that the reason why she tried comedy skits is because of his funny husband. Since then, her career being a comedian blossom just like the love of her life. Their house is undoubtedly filled with laughter because they both can make their kids smile. Now that they have kids and careers to balance, we’re sure the couple has given investment planning for the future plenty of thought as well.


Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn have been together for three decades. They first met in 1966, on the set of a Disney film. Goldie was 21 at the time, while Kurt was 16. Of course, he was much too young for her, but when they met up again? The sparks were there. In the span of their relationship, they never married each other. The reason why they never got married is that their past marriages never work. Today, even without a marriage certificate, their relationship remains strong, which is the best trait that their children admire them.

Though they went through numerous challenges, these two managed to weather them all. The secret? Know when to depend on somebody, and your partner is the best person to rely on. According to them, it keeps their relationship healthy. Whether it be personal issues or small matters like money management, the balance remains vital.


Dinners at this lovely couple’s home must be quite a feast! Guy Fieri, the host of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, is actually a big fan of his wife’s cooking—pointing to a shared passion and talent between the two of them. Perhaps, this is also one of the reasons why they have lasted over 25 years together. His favorite dish of hers? An old recipe she learned growing up in Rhode Island. It is also one of the first dishes she cooked for him.

Food also gets credit for bringing them together. Lori was a guest at the Long Beach resto he was managing. As soon as he saw her, he knew right then that she was the one. From those moments, they become inseparable, and their love grew more. The guy always credits Lori for being supportive and helping him create ideas for his recipes and restaurant. A power couple that you can rely on and get good influence.


Cyndi Lauper and actor David Thornton first met on the set of Off and Running back in 1991. There’s no doubt that the attraction was magnetic between the two, considering they ended up getting married in the same year! They have one son together, Declyn Wallace, born in 1997, also a handsome and great singer now. Despite being together for over three decades, Cyndi still gushes over David, and we can see why!

Even after going through a tough time following a career slump and a threat of bankruptcy, he has never left her side. As we’ve seen so far, some of the strongest relationships have weathered the most difficult challenges. David was beside Cyndi throughout her struggles, and this proves his love for her. She loves Cyndi with all his heart, and his favorite trait is that she is very expressive, and you will get effortlessly comfortable with her.


Continuing the trend of Hollywood soulmates are Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. They have been together for nearly three decades, becoming one of the most beloved couples in the industry. They might spend a lot of their time in the spotlight, but these two have always been private about their personal lives. This, among other factors, certainly help keep their marriage healthy. They have three children together, conceived through IVF. The Sex and the City star was never ashamed that they conceive unnaturally.

What is vital for them is that they never neglect their children. Doing the best they can, they continue to support the needs of their kids. After all, they are both iconic stars of Hollywood. Whilst for some couples, infertility issues become the cause for needing divorce lawyers, these two prove that it need not be the case. With some trust and understanding, things can always work out.


The couple has been together for over two decades. Want to know their secret? Always reset. What this means for them is realizing that humans change as time goes on, and as such, it is important to make room for these changes. The Logan actor also cites making time for each other as a significant factor in the success of their relationship. Deborra also gets credit for always keeping Hugh on his toes with how funny and intelligent she is! She is still on Hugh’s back to support him.

The two first met on the TV show, Correlli and married in 1996. They have two adopted kids, Ava and Oscar. Even if Deborra needs convincing, she, later on, realized that this iconic man is the best one for her. Hugh shared that the moment he met her, she was the one. Their life-long love story is one for the books to share in history.


This couple is two of country music’s biggest stars, and despite over two decades of marriage, they remain as in love as before. With their two-decade relationship, they both collaborated on songs and tours. Their legendary marriage is one to be the envy in the music industry. Despite their terms, they still manage to give the best of their time to the three kids and ensure their well-being. When they first met, however, the timing wasn’t right. In fact, Faith Hill was engaged to a different man.

It wasn’t until she became an opening act for Tim’s 1996 tour did sparks fly, and Faith had to make a difficult choice. The risk she took was worth it – the couple now has three grown daughters together and is still at the top of the charts. The secret? It’s prioritizing their marriage and family, so they put all their investments into it.


Who would’ve thought that love can blossom even on the set of a horror movie? We also know for a fact that Hollywood relationships tend not to last long.  Well, that’s how Sam and Katharine met—through the film, The Legacy. They married in 1984, which was Katharine’s fifth try at it and Sam’s first. Fortunately, they were each other’s last. The couple has been together for nearly four decades and has managed to maintain successful careers as well. Sam was most recently on A Star is Born, while Katharine was in Attachments.

They have one child together, the singer-songwriter Cleo Rose. The couple credits their shared sensibility and working through problems instead of simply walking away from them. She has always been on Sam’s side and encourages him to pursue his career. Like all couples, they have been through a lot and never gave up on each other.


Becks and Posh, as fans refer to them, have become the relationship goal for many. Not only are they gorgeous together, both are incredibly successful and have also weathered various challenges throughout their married life. This includes issues that would have broken families apart. They welcomed their first-born, Brooklyn, back in 1999, just a few months shy of their wedding. Since then, they have held three more kids. The kids also take the beautiful gene of their parents because they become gorgeous and handsome as they grew.

So, what makes this relationship work? They are each other as soulmates, but as David has said, they also never sugarcoat the realities of married life. They face together the issues and struggles of a married couple together. They do not fight each other, but together they fight the problem. With their long-standing relationship, giving up is never an option. As with investment planning, these two maintain a healthy balance.


CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo and his lifestyle magazine editor wife, Cristina Greeven, have been married since 2001. The couple has three children together. Both work in the media, but Cristina’s job focuses on improving people’s emotional and physical wellness. It is one of her secrets why she became ageless through the years. The beauty of this woman is evident, and she still charms her handsome husband. Her knowledge likely came in handy after Chris was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

It may have been tough on everyone, but the pandemic also proved just how strong and united they are as a family. She never left her husband’s side and with her knowledge about wellness, Chris recovered quickly. They married in Southampton, Long Island, in a ceremony that’s the fruit of their money management. Fun fact: Cristina was half an hour late to her own wedding! This moment was a funny and precious memory to remember.


Paul is the creator of drag icon Lily Savage and is a beloved English presenter for both television and radio. He first met Andre Portasio, a teacher and ballet dancer, through a former boyfriend of his. The couple has been together since 2006 and finally got married in 2017. The ceremony was private and attended only by their closest family and friends—including the ones in the industry, such as Sir Ian McKellen, Michael Cashman, and Julian Clary.

Their union took a bit of investment planning and scheduling. But the lovely couple made it possible and have been happily married since then. Gender is never a problem for them, especially all the shaming and rumors of people who are not in men’s union. They remained healthy and did their passion in the industry; they were both famous. Long live to this couple for being so brave and transparent to many.


This couple has been dating since 2011, but has kept things relatively low profile when it comes to their relationship. We know Winona has had a number of public relationships with several Hollywood big names, including Johnny Depp and Keanu Reeves, so keeping things discreet might be the best way to go. She was not ready to share the news under the limelight at first, but Scott deserves to be known and acknowledged. Scott is a veteran fashion designer and works with some of the biggest names in the industry.

They have been spotted together during industry events, including appearances on the red carpet for Stranger Things. As for marriage? Winona only confirms that she is very happy—with credit to her partner, Scott. Even though Scott is younger than her, the age gap is never the issue. A marriage certificate is not the only basis that they both love each other, after all.


Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has been married since 2008 to Douglas Brunt, a former CEO of a tech company. Money loans was never an issue because Douglas has a good net worth under his name even if he is not included as a celebrity. Through the years, their marriage has gone through numerous tests—but they remained by each other’s side despite it. The couple first met during a blind date, with Megyn sending her friends first in order to scope out Douglas.

Sure, he’s very good looking, but it was his sincerity, cleverness, and sense of humor that won Megyn over. With these traits of an outstanding man, you will fall head over heels for sure. Getting together wasn’t easy but to their credit? They even managed a long-distance relationship before they were finally able to marry. This test to their relationship made them loyal and faithful to each other.


Who would not fall for the charming and dainty personality of the famous Julia Roberts? Daniel Moder did, and ever since, he did not break his connection with America’s Sweetheart. Daniel is a great cinematographer, and through his eyes, he caught the beauty of a woman that captivated his heart forever. In their nearly twenty years of marriage, actress Julia and Daniel’s marriage has weathered a lot—including rumors of them contacting lawyers.

These two have certainly had it tough, but they’re tougher than all the false news. The couple says their son Henry Daniel and their twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus, are their main sources of strength. Theirs is a classic Hollywood love story – an actress and cinematographer meeting on the set of The Mexican. The sparks were there, but they were with other people at the time. Nonetheless, as fate would have it, these two still ended up together.


Jackie Chan is not only known for his amazing action moves in TV and movies. He is an icon in his own right — a handsome man who can make any women fall for him harder. When he met Joan Lin, love quickly blossomed, resulting in a four-decade old marriage. He calls her the “love of his life,” and they have been married for almost 40 years now. They secretly got married in Los Angeles, back in 1982, and Joan gave birth to their son, Jaycee, the day after.

Joan was a Taiwanese actress when she met Jackie, but she opted to retire to focus on raising their family. Theirs was a rocky relationship at first—the actor even admits to not being a good husband. He has cheated and even had a secret child! The relationship seemed destined for a call to their attorneys, but by putting in the work, they were able to avoid this fate. Thanks to Joan’s perseverance and kindness, Jackie has turned his way around, and become the best father for his family.


While most couples get married to seal their love and commitment, Wheel of Fortune‘s Vanna White and John Donaldson opt not to go there yet. Vanna always surprised the audience in her amazing gowns in every episode of the game show. This made John fall in love with her hard. They have been together for nearly a decade but have yet to tie the knot. Vanna gives credit to keeping a low profile as a factor in making things work. They may not be wed, but in both of their eyes, they are destined to be together.

They are happy, and for them, that is the thing that matters most. “Everybody’s different, so each to their own.” As Vanna says. Her charming 60-year-old boyfriend is proud of her and it amazes Vanna everyday knowing that someone is grateful for her existence. We are hoping to see Vanna in a beautiful white dress soon, walking down the aisle and preparing to exchange I dos.


NCIS: Los Angeles star Linda Hunt and Karen Kline, have been married for over a decade—but did you know that they’ve been together for far longer before deciding to tie the knot? Linda met Karen, now a retired psychotherapist, back in 1987. Their initial impression of each other? Karen liked Linda’s corduroys. Needless to say, that would be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. They deserve credit for making it work despite the 6-year age gap. The couple’s decision to tie the knot after a long while has been respected by many.

Anyhow, it is quite evident that they are both happy and deserve all the love in this world. They married in 2008, and while they don’t have children, they do have a lovely canine baby who gives them unconditional love. Linda and Karen continue to work things out especially when they are having misunderstandings because this is what couples do, fix the problem, and never give up.


We’ve seen this couple on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and have witnessed just how supportive Harry Hamlin is of his wife, Lissa Rinna. In their over two decades of marriage, this couple has gone through a lot—including weathering past their personal struggles. These days, however, they’re enjoying the hard work they put into their family. Of their two daughters, one is off to pursue her degree in university!

In a case of opposites attract, this couple has always been open about being very different from each other—but their love has kept them glued together since the beginning. The couples have faced struggle recently. Rumors have been surrounding Harry, but Lisa doesn’t let it to bother her. She knows her husband too well and a relationship issue will never break them down. Maybe all couples should be like Lisa and Harry, never giving up and always trusting each other against all odds.


Age should never be a hindrance when it comes to finding new love. Actress Linda Kozlowski’s divorce left her heartbroken, but she was able to heal with the help of her partner, Moulay Hafid Babaa. Everyone deserves to be happy and Linda’s choice to find someone new is not a surprise at all. They first met through a common friend; a film producer who helped them connect. What started out as simple conversations blossomed into something more.

In 2018, it was reported that the couple moved to Morocco, where they plan on settling down. When Linda’s ex heard this, he was devastated, but he never stopped her. She has the right to do what she wants to do, especially now that they are over. He can’t even blame her, as Moulay has been there for Linda all the time she needs someone. Linda and Moulay both made investments towards starting their own tour company. We are all excited to see what is in store for these two.


Some people prefer a great sense of humor over physical appearance, and this is the case for Carol Burnett and Brian Miller. Brian is one lucky guy for Carol has both – the good looks and the funniest wit. Comedy icon Carol of The Carol Burnett Show, has a career that spans over five decades. However, that’s nothing compared to the length of her marriage with Hollywood Bowl Orchestra drummer, Brian! The two dated for three years before deciding to marry in 2001 and this was the best decision they had ever made.

Carol was 68 at the time and had been single for two decades prior. There might be a 23-year age gap between the two, but the couple made it work. Of course, we have to give credit to Carol’s sense of humor and laidback personality—we’re sure this helps them maintain harmony when it comes to their relationship. Brian always laughs at her jokes that make their marriage happy and exciting.


Hollywood is the place where there is a chance for to love to blossom anytime. This rings true for the celebrity couple Sarah Michelle and Freddie Prinze Jr., who are two of the biggest stars of the early 2000s. They starred in numerous blockbusters at the time, including the film I Know What You Did Last Summer. The two first met on set back in 1997, but didn’t start dating until 2000. Their first date is one to remember for the couple—they were supposed to meet a common friend, but she didn’t make her plane.

Sarah and Freddie ended up going anyway, and that’s when sparks flew between them. They got married in 2002 and have two children together, Rocky and Charlotte. Needless to say, their friend deserves the credit! Aside from the strong bond they have, their personalities help them to weather all the odds that will come their way. Hoping to see Sarah and Freddie on the big screen again, leading a movie together just like the early days.


Tiger Woods may have gained bad press back in 2009 due to an infidelity scandal, which subsequently ended in calling the lawyers for him and Elin Nordegren, but the famed golfer has found love anew! The new lady in his life is the lovely Erica Herman. The couple first met in 2017, back when Erica worked as general manager for Tiger’s Florida restaurant. The year after, they began dating. Tiger and Erica bravely made their relationship public, not minding what other people would say.

Despite the famed golfer’s busy schedule, they are often seen with each other, enjoying one another’s company. Even Tiger’s kids have approved of Erica, and they are even joining them in family dinners. As for marriage? These two aren’t rushing. Just like investment planning, they are taking their time and assessing their situation. The most important thing when it comes to this relationship? They make each other happy.


Professionally and on screen, we know him as Vin Diesel, but in real life, he is known as Mark Sinclair. Vin is a husband to the Mexican model, Paloma Jimenez, and father to their three kids, Hania Riley, Vincent, and Pauline. With credit to his success in the industry, Vin has also established his own production company called One Race Films. Aside from starring in blockbuster movies such as the Fast & Furious franchise, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and Chronicles of Riddick, he has also written, directed, and produced his own short films.

Paloma, on the other hand, is an accomplished model in her own right. She has been represented by two modeling agencies; one from the US and the other is based in Mexico. She has done several appearances in commercials for big brands and appeared on different magazine covers. Vin is now 53 years old while Paloma is 37; the age gap of 16 years is not an issue at all. They have been together since 2007, although they haven’t tied the knots yet, Vin and Paloma seem to be as perfect as that of a married couple in the past 13 years.


Talk show host Kelly Ripa and Riverdale actor Mark Consuelos recently celebrated their 24th anniversary amidst the ongoing pandemic. The two good looking stars are the face of a strong couple and are nowhere calling it quits as they seem to look so in love with each other still even if they are together for two decades. So, what advice do they give other couples? Try to stick it out. “Wait until the magic happens,” Mark says. To their credit? It’s worked well for them.

The actors first met in 1995 on the set of All My Children, where they were co-stars. According to Kelly, it was love at first sight for her and she felt that there is something about Mark. The following year, the couple eloped in Las Vegas. Some may have frowned upon their decision, but it turned out to be a happy one. Kelly and Mark now have three children together, Michael, Lola, and Joaquin.


Celebrity couples can attest to the fact that keeping relationships low profile is very challenging. It takes more than home security systems to keep persistent paparazzi out of their personal lives. Perhaps they should take lessons from Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova, who have managed to achieve this over the past 18 years. The two first met in 2001 on the set of Enrique’s video for his song Escape. It was love at first sight, and they have been inseparable since then, although no one confirms or denies their real status.

Some reports say they broke up in 2008 and just reconciled. Still, the couple is not confirming or denying it. The two seem to be very good at keeping their private affairs off the media as no one knows whether they are married or not. This kind of private lifestyle probably is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship. The couple even managed to keep Anna’s pregnancy and the birth of their twins a secret until they were ready to reveal it! Now, they have three kids together.


Who could have thought that a movie plot of the dynamic family can happen in real life? This is the situation of Troy Aikman and Catherine Mooty. They are both single parents and have two kids of their own. The cutest thing about their family is that Troy has two girls and Catherine has two boys! NFL Star Troy was living as a single dad for years following his separation from his first wife in 2011. This is until he met Catherine in 2016 and found a second chance at love.

The couple was engaged in 2017 in Italy and eventually married in a private ceremony in Santa Barbara, California. With this union, they became a family of six. Now in their 4th year together, the couple is strengthened by their dynamic family relationship. Every bit the proud dad to all his kids, Troy regularly posts photos of the family on social media. Needless to say, he deserves plenty of credit! Likewise, Catherine, although a very private person, is not shy of showing off her happy family to the world and is now very open about the details of her life.


She’s all grown up now, but audiences will likely remember Melissa Sue Anderson from her role as Mary Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie. When the show ended, she continued to receive acting credit from different TV shows and has about a hundred commercials to her name. Whilst her success as an adult was lukewarm compared to when she was younger, Melissa did luck out when it comes to finding “the one.” It is something she should be proud of since not all in Hollywood ends up having a successful marriage.

It was in 1990 when Melissa married her TV producer and screenwriter husband, Michael Sloan. They had a rooftop ceremony in LA, which was attended by her former cast-mates and family. Michael is 16 years older than Melissa. It is not a matter of discussion; in fact, it could be Michael’s maturity that brought them to where they are right now. Now on their 30th year together, the two defies the test of time. They are far from calling up their lawyers. They now share two kids who they are nurturing in Canada.


We’ve seen celeb couples being introduced by friends, some even by their exes, in Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard’s case, however, they were introduced by her brother. Jake met Peter on the set of Jarhead and thought he’d get along with his sister well. True enough, sparks flew between Peter and Maggie. In fact, the two just passed their 10th year anniversary! The couple met in 2002 and had an instant connection, according to sources. After dating for 4 years, in 2006 they announced their engagement.

They took their time before finalizing everything with “I Do” in 2009. The couple now has two kids together, Gloria Ray and Ramona. Despite this, both have managed to maintain their individual careers without overshadowing each other. Likewise, the Maggie and Peter make sure that they balance work and life properly. That could be the secret of their lasting marriage- all about balance. We’ve got to give them credit— it’s not easy, but they do it.


It was no doubt that keeping a relationship is continuous work, hence continuous adjustment. Praises are given to those who choose to keep their romances even if they have an easy way out. Credit is given to the Young and The Restless actor, Peter Bergman, who managed to maintain the success of his career for decades now. However, that isn’t the only thing he has been consistent with. He has been married to his wife, Mariellen Bergman, for over three decades! That’s certainly a record when it comes to Hollywood relationships.

They were wed back in 1985 after a year of dating. Needless to say, they have been inseparable since. The couple has two children together.  As proof that they are living their married life so well, they account for one hilarious moment during the delivery of their daughter. Peter, who is all tough-looking, passed out during his daughter’s birth. Though he didn’t have any head contusion or alike, we hope they have insurance for that just in case a worse thing happens.


Lucky are those who find love on the first try. Some waited their lifetime to find love but just ends up with the wrong one. We are hands down to those who never get tired of pursuing love even if they already get hurt a couple of times. Just like Willie Nelson who found love in an unusual way. Willie’s first three marriages may have ended with the help of his lawyers, but he remains hopeful and never gives up on finding love.

It took some time, but he eventually met Annie D’Angelo on the set of his 1986 film, Stagecoach, where she was working as a make-up artist. For the two, it must have been akin to finding one’s soulmate as they have been inseparable since then. They wed in 1991 in Nashville but primarily reside in their home in Maui. Together, Willie and Annie raised their sons Lukas and Micah, proving that even though love sometimes takes time, it is often worth waiting for.


Not only is our next couple happily married for nearly two decades now, but they are also immensely charitable. Truly, blessings come to those who know how to share. This proves true to the power couple, Drew Brees and Brittany Brees, as they were blessed to have a strong relationship and a beautiful family. In fact, just recently, Drew and Brittany donated $5 million in an effort to help hard-hit Louisiana communities get by during this pandemic!

Needless to say, their teamwork doesn’t end with handling family matters such as raising kids and money management; they work together for charitable purposes as well. The Orleans Saints quarterback is certainly lucky to have a supportive partner in Brittany. These two are college sweethearts and they have been together since then! Now they have four children and are living their best life with a good career and sound investments that they love to share with those who are in need.


Kristy McNichol is one of the industry’s most beloved child actresses, whose career peaked during the ‘70s and ‘80s. Since 1991, she has been in a relationship with Martie Allen but had to keep the relationship a secret until she retired in 2001. In her own words, she was doing so to finally play the part she always longed to play: herself. To live under the spotlight and eyes of the public is not as easy and glamorous as it seems.

To most celebrities, they tend to be “someone else” just to make their career work. This is exactly what Kristy experienced being a prominent star since her childhood. Luckily, she found the courage that she needed and pursue the life that she always wanted. Eleven years after retiring, Kristy finally found the courage to come out of the closet and make her gender of choice and relationship public. The couple prefers to live away from the spotlight and put their investment money towards traveling the world.


Pierce Brosnan is a man that we can all look up to when it comes to career, life, and relationship. He may often receive credit for portraying “playboy tropes” in film, but in reality, the James Bond actor is a devoted husband and father. To this day, Pierce has only been married twice and was never separated. His first wife died quite young and left him with their children. They spent 17 years together until her passing in 1987. For a time, Pierce felt sad. Fortunately for the actor, he was able to find love and healing with journalist Keely Shaye.

Pierce and Keely met in 1994 and seemed to have an instant connection. They then tied the knot in 2001. They have been together for nearly two decades and have two grown children together: Dylan and Paris. A devoted and loving husband, on his 67th birthday and while in isolation in Hawaii, Pierce paid tribute to his wife through a social media post.


Another high sweetheart turned power couples are Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews. They confessed that it wasn’t loved instantly as they used to be friends before. To this, we can conclude that to have a good relationship, you need to learn to be friends as well. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews have quite a history together. They first met when Patrick was only in 10th grade, and even back then, there was a special connection between them.

Brittany is very much an athlete, too, and even went to Iceland to play professional soccer. Nowadays, however, her investments go towards the fitness company she owns. That doesn’t mean she no longer has enough time to support her Patrick, though! Just last year, the couple splurged on a multi-million-dollar home in Kansas City, where they plan to settle down and stay for a long time. They also recently announced that they would be welcoming baby number 1. Patrick and Brittany  couldn’t contain their happiness that they decided to share it with the world.


Timothy Busfield refers to himself as “the luckiest man on earth” because he is married to Melissa Gilbert. It doesn’t get any more romantic than that, doesn’t it? The 62-year-old Thirtysomething actor had to wait a while before he won her over. On to their unfinished legal separation proceedings and probably some time to pick up the pieces, Timothy must have waited for the right timing for him to pursue the wonderful actress.

Their previous marriages may have ended with the help of their lawyers, but it wasn’t all a loss for both actors. For the Little House in the Prairie star, Melissa, the third time’s a charm. Timothy pursued her so well that she said yes to him despite the first few failed marriages. Luckily, it seems they’ve done this one right as they’ve been married for nearly a decade, and just last year, they moved back to NYC, where Melissa was able to return to her first love: the theatre.


Lynda Carter is the original Wonder Woman. For many, a role she embodied so well that the actress is still associated with it to this day. Before donning the superhero’s costume, however, she was a pageant queen. Lynda even won a Miss World USA title back in 1972! Wanting more for her career, she then joined Hollywood and there goes her lifetime achievement as Wonder Woman. Of course, a beauty like hers will never go unnoticed.

A lot of men tried to pursue the beautiful Lynda, but only one man won her heart. In 1982, she met lawyer Robert A. Altman, and from there, a beautiful relationship began between the two. The two married in 1984 and began the process of building a life together—including leaving Hollywood to be with him in Washington DC. With their more than 3 decades of marriage, the couple has gone through personal struggles together, but have managed to weather it all and never relied on an attorney’s service.


Marriages will often go through numerous ups and downs. Such is the case with Magic Johnson and his wife, Cookie. They have been together for nearly three decades and have weathered many challenges. Their marriage was tested at a very early stage. It is not a test that can just simply go away, but a kind of test that will injure their lifetime. It was just a little over a month after their wedding when Magic learned of his health problem. In such cases, most people would have decided to call in their lawyers—but not these two!

They remained by each other’s side, and Cookie provided the support, and care her husband needed. What is good about this is that their financial status was not shaken. Despite it, they turn it into an opportunity to help others. Magic became a known advocate of health awareness. Now they have grown children and are grandparents as well! Through faith and prayer, they were able to strengthen their union.


Billy Joel has high-profile affairs on his list. It came as no surprise that after a series of breakups, he will try again. That is why the third time is a charm for Billy as seems to found “the one” in Alexis Roderick. They have been together since 2009, and despite a 33-year age gap between them, the couple was able to surpass their differences. To their credit, the journey was tough, but they worked through it and found out that their love for each other is strong enough to endure all problems that would come their way.

Billy and Alexis, the beautiful equestrian, were wed in 2015 at the singer-songwriter’s estate in Long Island during their July 4th party. They exchanged vows in front of very surprised guests and were treated to a heartwarming speech by one of Billy’s daughters, Alexa Ray. The couple has two daughters together, Remy Anne and Della Rose.


It is true then that marriage can be strengthened with trials, most especially if it requires immediate care and understanding due to life and death situation. Take Keith Richards and Patti Hansen as examples. They were struck by tragic but remained true to their vows to present. Nearly 40 years and a battle against cancer—twice—but they’ve managed to come out the other side each time. Keith Richards might be part of The Rolling Stones, but the real rockstar in this family is his wife, Patti Hansen.

Needless to say, this brave woman deserves plenty of credit. The two first met at Patti’s twenty-third birthday party at the famed Studio 54. It was love at first sight for the couple, and they remained inseparable since— eventually getting wed in Mexico back in 1983. Eventually, they left the rock and roll lifestyle behind to settle down with their two children who are doing great as a model just like their mom.


No, it was not a puppy love for Toby Keith and Tricia Covel, who met in their teen years (Toby is 20 and Tricias is 19). They first met in 1981, at a nightclub in Oklahoma. Struck with each other’s qualities, the two began dating.  Soon after waiting three years, the couple finally decided to tie the knot. Some might say that they were too young at the time, but these two have stayed together for 35 years—happily married!

It wasn’t a blissful marriage in the beginning as they struggled with financial issues and for that they needed loans. Thankfully, Keith used his God-given gift and worked his way to being a country musician. Keith decided to pursue a career in music, eventually hitting it big time. Despite the challenges, while raising their three kids, these two stayed strong together and made it work. How can they not, after harnessing the storm in their early life together, we are sure they can surpass everything that may come along the way.


Mark Wahlberg and his lovely wife, Rhea Durham, first began dating in 2001. After eight years, the lovebirds wed in Beverly Hills. Recently, the Spenser Confidential actor delighted his fans by sharing the first photo they ever took as a couple on his Instagram page. Needless to say, it quickly garnered comments from fans and friends. It is no secret that Mark has gone through numerous challenges in his life, including personal issues, and he gives credit to his wife for helping him become a better person.

Mark’s biggest turnaround happens along the timeline where he met Rhea. Before her, Mark’s life was struck with tragedies that happened during his younger years. He used to have bad vices, but when he turned to music and met Rhea, it all changed. Today, they have four children together, Ella Rae, Grace Margaret, Brendan, and Michael, whom Mark seems to father so well.


Lee Majors was one of the most popular actors in the 70s, with credit to his performance on the widely successful show The Six Million Dollar Man. At 80, he’s proving that age has certainly done him well. When it comes to relationships, he’s always had a track record for long-lasting ones, including his 12-year-marriage with fellow actor, Farrah Fawcett. These days, however, he is happily wed to the gorgeous Faith Majors. Though there’s a significant age gap between them, it’s clear that it matters little.

Their successful marriage can be credited to the amount of time that Lee can give to his now-wife, Faith. Unlike before, Lee is one of the busiest stars in Hollywood, resulting in compromising quality time with family. However, since Faith is also an actress, who shares the same popularity and works like his husband, she is more understanding of the lifestyle associated with it, helping ensure harmony between them.


Kiss bassist Gene Simmons and model, Shannon Tweed, have been together since 1983 but did not tie the knot until 2011. It certainly makes one wonder how they’ve managed to maintain this for so long, especially with Simmon’s reputation for being a playboy. The decision, in the end, was easy for Gene. As he once said in an interview, “I need Shannon in my life.” As for Shannon, it could be that Gene finally convinced her and she saw that he was all ready.

Anyway, with 2 decades of being partners, it must be enough to say they are meant to make a vow. They may have had a turbulent past, but these days? It’s all about love for this couple. To her credit, Shannon showed much resilience through it all. With that, she must truly love Gene. With all this said, Gene is certainly one lucky man.


It was not impossible for anyone not to like a perfect girl like Paige Spiranac. At first look, you may think she is a model but no, Paige is an athlete — a professional golfer actually. With that kind of beauty, many men will back down, thinking they got big competition ahead of them. Luckily, Steven Tinoco is brave enough to connect with her. Balancing one’s career and romantic life isn’t an easy task for anyone, but trust pro golfer Paige to make it work.

Steven is a former baseball player who now has investments in the personal training business. They met five years ago at a bachelor party, and after reconnecting on social media, sparks flew between them. After experiencing issues with one of her ex-partners, Paige must have been elated to finally meet the right man for her. In 2016, this lovely couple was engaged during a trip to Dubai. Whilst they have yet to tie the knot, the chemistry between this pair is palpable.


They say things are constantly changing in our lives, including our chosen careers. The same can be said for Kathy, who made her debut as a model and actress, before using her investment money to become an entrepreneur. One constant thing in her life is her physician husband, Greg Olsen. The pair began dating in 1988 and have been together for over three decades now! Greg is one supportive husband. It was tested through several instances as Kathy was adventurous with her life and career.

With these efforts as well as Kathy’s they managed to stay together and build a family. Together, they have three children, Chloe, Lily, and Erik. As for their longevity, the couple points to shared beliefs for keeping their union strong. Together, they work to instill a sense of philanthropy in all of their kids. Good thing is that they have enough investments to keep them going. All thanks go to Kathy as she strives to work on herself and be a help to their family.


Robert Redford is one of Hollywood’s most enduring icons, starring in classics such as All the President’s Men, among other award-winning films. When it comes to his romantic life, however, it hasn’t been all roses. In fact, his first marriage ended with a call to his lawyers. Fortunately for the actor, he would find love again with German artist Sibylle Szaggars. They first met in 1996 and have not left each other’s side since.

The couple was married in 2009 in Germany and has been together for nearly three decades now. Currently, they are enjoying a low-profile lifestyle at their ranch in Utah. They say the relationship’s longevity depends on how much you nurture it, but sometimes it is about how you handle it. The good thing with Robert and Sibylle’s is that they know how to manage their relationship well and keep everything inside the four walls of their house. One smart way to be out of the spotlight is to live outside Hollywood. However, the biggest kudos is to Sibylle because she was able to surpass all the challenges of being a Hollywood superstar.


WKRP in Cincinnati actress Loni Anderson may have required lawyers in the past, but her current marriage with The Brothers Four musician Bob Flick has since broken that streak. They met back in 1963 when Loni was still a new model and was asked to pose with the group. Perhaps there were sparks even then, but that was the last they’d see each other for a while. They reconnected later after her very public split with Burt Reynolds and Bob became her anchor during that difficult time.

The two wed in 2008, in a ceremony that was attended by Loni’s children and grandkids. It goes to show that love still can come despite your age and disposition in life. Bob’s willingness to wait for Loni proves that he is more than worthy of her vow. Likewise, Bob’s determination shows Loni that everyone is worthy to be loved no matter what.


Through sickness and in health—this certainly rings true when it comes to Renee Sloan and Scott Baio’s marriage. The Happy Days actor married this stunt woman and model back in 2007, but it wasn’t exactly love at first sight for these two. In fact, they first met during the ‘90s and eventually split up—but have always maintained a cordial friendship. Before reconnecting, Scott was never really interested in marriage, but all that changed when they got back together.

Together, they have weathered numerous challenges including Renee’s health troubles. Alongside are the accusations to Scott. This kind of trial most of the time makes a big in a relationship. However, that didn’t happen as Renee and Scott were not moved by it all. Instead, they support each other and stand beside one other. For that, we’re glad that they have managed to keep lawyers at bay, not needing their help at all.


As part of films such as Star Wars and Pulp Fiction, Samuel Jackson has always played the tough guy—the hero. However, in real life, the actor gives credit to his wife, LaTanya Richardson for saving his life. The pair first met in 1970 and studied in colleges that were near each other. It wasn’t an instant connection between them, however. LaTanya’s first impression of Samuel was that he was “flamboyant, emotionally detached, and self-involved.”

Fortunately, she was able to see beyond the surface and was proven through all these years. Samuel and Latanya have been together for 5 decades already and we cannot remember any sound story that degrades the actor’s reputation as a husband. In fact, he is very showy of his affection for his wife to the public. This goes to show that as for Samuel, aside from his investments in the industry, his first priority is his wife and their daughter.


Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart first met in 2002, during the Golden Globe Awards, and then got married eight years later. Despite his portrayals of rogue and loner characters such as Star Wars’ Han Solo, Harrison is very much a family man in real life. When asked about the secret to their marriage, the Ally McBeal star revealed in an interview that humor is everything to her and that they laugh a lot.

However, it also takes more than that—they stand by each other through thick and thin. Harrison’s previous marriages ended up with hiring lawyers, but everything seems to be working just fine for this couple. As to avoid the same circumstances, a marriage must have constant communication. That, probably is what Calista meant and what makes their relationship strong. They communicate with each other and let simple things pass by and just laugh about it, helping them to withstand the test of time.


Hocus Pocus actress Bette Midler and her husband, fellow actor, Martin von Haselber, have been together for over 3 decades. They first met in 1984, and just 6 weeks after their initial meeting, they decided to get married. The following year, they had their first daughter, Sophie von Haselberg. The best bit about this marriage is that there was never any competition between the two. Martin never felt threatened by Bette’s success.

The secret to their relationship? The actress says it’s all about giving each a lot of room and lead space. Likewise, they also shared that they have mutual respect for each other and understanding. They managed to survive their marriage with all these on top of their love for one another. It is easy to say but difficult to do, but they managed to do so without calling it off. After all, the best investment they can make is in each other.


Kelly Preston and John Travolta got married back in 1991 and instantly became one of Hollywood’s most beloved couples. They first met during the screen test for The Experts, which they starred in together. It took a while for the couple to get together, however, since Kelly was still married at the time. Eventually, after her first marriage ended with hiring her lawyers, the pair eventually reconnected. John proposed on New Year’s Eve in 1991, whilst vacationing in Gstaad, Switzerland.

They wed in September of the same year at a Scientology ceremony in Paris and held a second ceremony in Florida just a week after. As their marriage endured big waves in their relationship, they were not ashamed to tell that needed help to get their marriage going. It was after their firstborn’s passing that they said to have attended a couple’s therapy session. We are glad they did as they remained married afterward.


They may have been one of TV’s most popular “IT” couplings during the eighties, but Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber got together a little later in life. They were in their thirties when they got married, and this time, they have learned plenty from their past relationships. Needless to say, they took their time, and to their credit, their relationship worked out.

We know Mark as the actor who plays no-nonsense Gibbs on NCIS, but if his onscreen counterpart is known for his seriousness, he is much more easygoing in real life. However, that was not a problem in Mark and Pam’s marriage. They seemed to work it out well in their own way. It was not perfect though, but we are sure that they’ve made it work and we are happy for them. They have been together for over three decades now and have two grown sons, Sean and Ty Christian.


With his chiseled good looks and acting prowess, Kris Kristofferson is certainly a memorable figure when it comes to the films he’s been in, including the remake of A Star is Born in 1976. This film fits him well as he is known to be a bad-boy country music singer. However, unlike the lead character in the said film, Kris found his way back, all thanks to his wife Lisa Meyers. If his career has been quite successful through the years, the same can be said for his personal life—particularly, his marriage with the lovely Lisa.

She is a make-up artist who has worked on Without a Trace. These two met back in 1982 and married just a year after dating. It was said that he met Lisa during the lowest point of his life. His life was struck with financial loss and a recent breakup. To it, he owes everything to Lisa. There are no lawyers needed for this couple as they are happy together with five grown children!


Mixing business and pleasure can certainly spell trouble, but not for Sandra Smith and John Connelly. Sandra is the co-anchor of Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, while John is the business commentator for Fox’s Outnumbered. These two certainly have a number of things in common—before getting into the Newsroom and just after receiving her college degree, Sandra also worked corporate and got familiar with the world of business.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why their relationship just works. They understand what each other’s jobs entail—making them more thoughtful towards what they might individually need. They managed not to be in a competition with each other and take pride in one another’s accomplishments. Their relationship could also be their winning streak as they are seen as the Newsroom power couple. Certainly, a winning formula! As the two get along well on cam and off cam, we are sure that they won’t be needing any lawyer at all.


Beyoncé has helped women across the world feel more empowered and inspired to run the world. This includes all the single ladies, despite the fact that she’s not part of that club anymore. In 2008, her long-time partner and collaborator, Jay Z popped the question and we don’t blame her for saying yes! After all, the rapper and producer has certainly proven himself to be the worthy king to this queen.

We’ve got to give these two credits for keeping it together despite numerous issues and challenges that come with such a high-profile marriage. Yes, they were not spared from the infidelity issues. Beyonce was a fighter as she soared the trials and forgave Jay Z. It was all in the past now and with 3 kids together, their family life seems to be stable just like their career and among the richest in the industry today.


Instant chemistry or love at first sight — that is what best described the beginning of Warren Beatty and Annette Benning’s relationship. What is more impressive about this is that that very instant attraction was led into a lifetime commitment. For actor Warren it only took 8 seconds for him to realize that Annette was the one. He took his shot—which, fortunately for him, worked! Within a year of meeting, they were wed. This was back in 1992, marking 28 years of them being together.

Since then, the couple has had four children, Stephen, Benjamin, Isabel, and Ella. However, long-lasting marriages aren’t new for Annette. In fact, her own parents have been married for 70 years! It must also be their inspiration and why they managed to keep their relationship strong for almost 3 decades. With the investments that they’ve been putting into their relationship, we wouldn’t be surprised if she and Warren reach the same milestone as well!


Joseph Clifford Montana Jr. is a legend when it comes to the NFL. Known as the Comeback Kid, he was a quarterback for 49 years, and to his credit, was also chosen as MVP multiple times. In 2000, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. His success in the sport is also mirrored in his personal life—just takes his happy marriage with Jennifer Wallace for example. For Joe, it was his third time to be in a marriage.

Looking like he has seen and learned a lot that is why his third time came into success. The couple first met on the set of a Schick commercial, where sparks flew and a relationship between them eventually blossomed. They wed in 1985 and have since built a family together. They have four kids together and their two boys follow his footsteps and, on their way, to becoming a football stars. He was said to have plenty of investments as such is a ranch where he kept his horses.


Another NFL star who has impressed both on the field and when it comes to his romantic life is Howie Long and his wife of nearly 4 decades and counting, Diane Addonizio. Howie had a 13-year-long career as an athlete. He won a Super Bowl with his team and even made it to the Pro-Bowl a total of 8 times! One might think that he met his better half through the sport—but this isn’t the case.

He met his wife, Diane while majoring in Classical Studies at Villanova. Their interest might not be the same track, but their chemistry is way above the track. Needless to say, it was love at first sight for these two. They wed back in 1982 and we hope, they won’t be needing marriage therapies in this lifetime as the couple was not the type who give credits to all the hurdles, they faced that led to live a beautiful life together.


It was like a common trend in the NFL to have a solid partnership or marriage with their better half. It was just a mere observation based on the popular couples of the NFL. Narrowing it down, the possibility of having a good and sound support system could be the number one cause of the said athlete’s steady relationship. Just look at Bill Belichick and Linda Holliday. Bill is one of the NFL’s most successful coaches in its history, leading his team to victory and winning multiple Super Bowls.

However, fans know that despite all his wins, Bill is known for barely cracking a smile—on the field, that is. If you take a look at his girlfriend’s social media, you’ll be able to see a different side to the coach. One that Linda Holliday helps bring out! The two first met in 2007, about a year after Bill’s first marriage ended with divorce lawyers. Since then, the two have been inseparable, and have been often seen vacationing together.


Hollywood power couple Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady is a picture of a perfect couple. They seem to have everything; good looks that run to their genes, financial and career stability, influential status, and good marital status. That is why a lot of couples in Hollywood aspire to the life that they are living and often say, what could they ask for more? Tom has won multiple Super Bowls with his team, but we’re certain that the best thing he’s one yet is the love of his wife, Gisele, and their children.

Their relationship began with a blind date. For the supermodel, it was love at first fight. In fact, in an interview, she revealed that it was his kind eyes that won her over. Tom was dating Bridget Moynahan at the time, but they split up shortly after. It may seem as if this couple had it easy, we have to give them credit for weathering numerous challenges during their marriage as well.


Wrestling legend and talented actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson certainly does plenty and he’s successful at it. He’s among the top box office earners in the industry, with credit to the Fast and Furious franchise among other productions he’s part of. Usually, for celebrities, this means putting off relationships in favor of more fame. However, it is not for Dwayne as he managed to have the perfect timing for everything, even to love.

For Dwayne, however, he didn’t wait to marry his long-time partner, Lauren Hashian, a music producer and professional singer for nothing. The couple first met in 2006 on the set of The Game Plan and later married in 2019, in Hawaii. Johnson settled everything first before diving deep into marriage. Likewise, he must have learned a lot from his previous marriage and for this reason, the couple waited long until they are sure of their relationship. To this date, they now have two children, Jasmine and Tiana Gia.


The couple first met on the self of Pontiac Moon back in 1993, which was a particularly challenging time for Ted considering Cheers had just ended after 11 seasons. It was also during the same time he was dealing with divorce lawyers following the separation from his second wife. Ted thought he was incapable of being in a relationship, but love found him anyway. Sometimes, when we think we are at our darkest and most broken places, love comes in and sure does surprise us.

Besides, who could resist Mary’s beauty? She starred in the Book Club film not so may years ago alongside Hollywood giants Diane Keaton and Candace Bergen. Mary was a single mother at the time and had her own issues, but the two were able to support each other through it all. They married in 1995 and found a way to make their partnership thrive despite being part of Hollywood.


In Hollywood, they say that happy marriages can only be seen in movies. We beg to differ, since this list has proven otherwise. To further add, we have Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon who has been happily married for over three decades! In movies and in real life, we’ve got to give them credit—especially after learning the different challenges they went through as a couple. Did you know that when they first met, Kyra was only a 12-year-old girl? They would later encounter each other again, as adults, on the set of Lemon Sky.

Since then, love bloomed between the two, and they wed in 1988. Kevin is one of the most successful and one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. He is also one of the few celebrities who are able to maintain a healthy and lasting marriage. We guess it depends on how well a famous person handles their love life. The more they keep it private, the better, but, there’s nothing wrong with flexing your significant other to the world from time to time.


Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas got married twenty years ago and as one might expect, serious investments were made towards keeping things private. In fact, every guest to the nuptials had to present their hologram invites, and taking personal photographs were not allowed. Perhaps this is why it was only recently that Catherine even got to see photos from the event! Two decades after and the couple is still as loved-up as before, with the Chicago actress often posting photos of them on her social media.

The Hollywood golden couple has two children, their son Dylan and daughter Carys. Despite their age gap, Catherine revealed in an interview that Michael was never bossy to her. He even lets her hold the remote control every TV time. Age was never an issue with these two. Michael, on the other hand, proudly revealed to the world that he first fell in love with Catherine while watching the film Mask of Zorro. He said he fell in love and he had to have her, and the rest is history.


MSNBC commentator and author Joy Reid often tackles hard-hitting topics when it comes to her line of work. Perhaps this is why she’s able to manage multiple roles—as a wife, a mom, and a career woman. Of course, Joy doesn’t do these things all on her own. We’ve got to give half the credit to her husband, Jason Reid. Like his wife, Jason also works in the media as an editor and has done work for Discovery Channel.

The couple now has three kids, and though not much is known about their relationship, we can be certain that their marriage is a happy one! Their happy marriage doesn’t go by tips, tricks, and secrets; instead, it goes by strategies and techniques. From the looks on how they invested each other’s times equally into making their marriage work, it seems very worth it. Kudos to these two as well for keeping it low key in the public eye even though they are journalist themselves.


Sean Connery and Moroccan-French artist Michelin Roquebrune have been married since 1975. They first met in 1970, during a golf tournament held in Morocco, and since then, this couple has been inseparable. Many lasting marriages go through numerous challenges, but these two? They went through Hurricane Dorian and survived. The actor and his wife were stuck at their Bahamian mansion when the Category 5 storm hit the island. Needless to say, they were certainly one of the lucky ones. The same could be said about their relationship as well.

Sean’s first marriage ended up in tragic but he found love anew through Micheline. When you’re a couple you expect to go through everything together – form thunderstorms to landslides, fires and earthquakes, and were not just talking about it literally. Sometimes, calamities inside the marriage itself are even worse than the natural ones. Being with a James Bond actor is certainly a challenge, and being a married to an icon is definitely a challenge as well. We should give these to all the credit that they deserve for keeping a strong and healthy relationship.


This is one fun-loving couple with a marriage that’s certainly ‘goals’ for us! Did you know they had their first date on an April Fool’s Day? The accomplished actors worked together on How I Met Your Mother and since then, have managed to build a beautiful life together. They were married back in 2014, but have been together since 2004. The couple also has two children together, the adorable fraternal twins Gideon Scott and Harper Grace who were both conceived through a surrogate.

They might never fail to tickle our funny bones, but we’re sure this couple takes investment planning for their children seriously. Both had personal issues in the past, considering they had to deal with coming out from the closet together into the public eye. The fans took it quite well since gender quality is out in the open for today’s generation, and the journey of their love story even gained them more recognition. We should give credits to their strength, besides, love is love, and it’s all just rainbow!


It all started at the Miami bar where the lovely Luciana works. Matt, who was in town shooting Stuck on You, spotted her and it was love at first sight for the actor. But, don’t expect this Hollywood couple to be all about the media and fame. In fact, they enjoy a low profile marriage in the industry. Even their wedding in 2005 was very private, without the usual bells and whistles of celebrity nuptials. Perhaps this is how they’ve managed to maintain their relationship for 15 years.

They keep their personal business private and attorneys out of the picture. Well, what can we say other than Luciana is one very lucky girl. Matt is one of the most successful and famous actors in Hollywood. In spite constantly having tough roles, he invests in a much grounded life, which was probably one of the reasons why he fell for this brunette beauty in the first place.


Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan first met on the set of Family Ties back in 1985, which they were both in the cast of. It wasn’t an instant attraction for Tracy, however, but Michael eventually won her over and now they have 32 beautiful years to their marriage. What’s even more impressive is the couple’s steadfastness despite the challenges they’ve encountered. It would not have been easy on Tracy or their entire family, so they deserve much credit for staying strong through it all. It happened back in 1991 and Michael was only 29 years old.

With Tracy’s love and support, however, the actor is still going strong! These two have one of the sweetest love stories in the world. Imagine being married to your first love and then having to go through the storms with them. Michael is all about giving back as he participates in charities. He has a foundation under his name for. He refuses to call himself a victim since according to the gorgeous eyed actor, it is a choice to be either a victim or a survivor – not just with an illness but with any aspect in life.


We’re all familiar with the suave yet fun-loving Ringo Starr, but not many know his gorgeous wife, Barbara Bach. She is an actress and is most recognized for her role as Anya Amasova—the Bond girl from The Spy Who Loved Me. As expected from Ringo, the wedding was a private ceremony attended by their closest family and friends, including George Harrison and Paul McCartney. They have been married since 1981 and even today, remain as loved up.

Perhaps we could glean the secret to this union from that one Beatles’ song: All You Need is Love. There’s certainly no money loan for these two! With their story, a Bond girl and a Beatle member, that is one big tale to tell the grandkids definitely. Ringo is just as lucky to have this blonde beauty as she is to have him. Imagine walking around having an iconic band member with you, and not just for one evening, but for the rest of your life.


The actress knows plenty when it comes to long-lasting success in film, but that’s not the only thing you can ask her for advice on. Meryl Streep has been married to the talented sculptor, Don Gummer, since 1978, and if their red carpet appearances are any indication, they are still blissfully so. During her Academy Award speech as best actress for the film The Iron Lady, Meryl even gave her husband a sweet shout out, telling him that “everything I value most in our lives, you’ve given me.” It’s the kind of love that no amount of investment money or fame can ever top!

Meryl is the greatest actress of all time, hands down, no argument. She is just one of a kind. With what she has contributed to the movie industry, no one else can come close to. Meryl has an amazing voice, great acting skills, the dance moves, and she has the body and the face even now. Her husband is always supportive of her career, he is always on the red carpet events with her and he sits by her side in every award shows. The question is, is there an award show that Meryl wasn’t nominated?


“Patti’s been at the center of my life for the entire second half of it.” That clues us into how much the singer-songwriter values his relationship with Patti Scialfa. For nearly three decades, the couple has continued to serenade audiences with their duets on stage and off stage. Both Bruce and Patti grew up in New Jersey and ran in the same social circles, before finally teaming up and going on tour together during the ‘80s. Bruce was married to Julianne Phillips at the time, but after making the split official through their lawyers, he married Patti.

Bruce is best known for his full house concerts and on stage performances with blinding bright lights, not to mention his platinum selling records that are considered to be undefeated. What some people might not know is that, he is not only a great performer and a legend in music, he is a legendary husband to his wife as well. He invested all his time loving her just as much as he loves his career.


There may be a 23-year age gap between them, but if we are to look at how their relationship is going, it’s clear that these two are making things work just fine. In Camilla’s own words, “anyone should be able to date who they want to date.” Despite curiosity from the media and netizens, they have managed to keep their private lives under wraps. They are able to enjoy each other’s company, going on boat rides, snorkeling, and traveling. As for how they met, the Titanic actor and the model were likely introduced by Camilla’s stepfather, Al Pacino.

Dubbed as the most eligible bachelor in the world, Leo doesn’t seem like he is going to settle down with anyone anytime soon. Much like her girlfriend’s stepdad Al, they are contented with too much fame and that they have proved to us all that tying the knot is not for every man. Leo is known for his long list of supermodel girlfriends and for most of them, it’s short term. Some people say he’s in love with his co-actor and best friend Kate Winslet. Whatever it is, and maybe his dating record isn’t so impressive, but we should give credits to this Academy award winner for his climate change support and dedication. We hope he would find his princess one day.


Fate tends to work in mysterious ways. When supermodel Cindy Crawford first met nightlife industry entrepreneur Rande Gerber, she was still married to Richard Gere. She was only 25 years old then and would later amicably separate. Rande also had a partner at the time, but as they say, what was meant to be, eventually comes together. If it is meant to be, it will always be. They met in 1995 and were married by 1998. Together, they have two children, Presley Walker and Kaia Jordan. As you may know, both have established careers as models.

The couple’s marriage wasn’t without challenges—rumors of infidelity must have rocked their union but to their credit? They pulled through. Cindy was an icon in her time, and, she always would be one of the most popular names in the world of modelling. She got together with the leading man Richard, whom the world thought was a match made in heaven. Well, maybe it was, at the time, for a while, until Cindy found her real paradise in the arms or Rande. Both Richard and Cindy are now happily married to different people.


The Newlywed Game might be off the air now, but Bob Eubanks has certainly left his mark on audiences. Many are fascinated by his personal life, including his long-lasting relationship with his second wife, Deborah James. Perhaps it stems from the fact that there is quite a huge age gap between the two and yet, they have managed to create a harmonious relationship with each other. Both are successful individuals. Deborah James is a well-known event producer in the country and we’re sure Bob has made more than enough investment money in his years of hosting.

They’ll surely live in comfort and without worry. Age gaps are never an issue when two people are in love. As long as two people in love can work through their issues than it shouldn’t be a problem. Truth is, love isn’t blind nor does it give you the stars and the moon nor is it never jealous. Love is just a word, until one day, you meet someone who gives that word a whole new definition.


Sir Rod Stewart has gifted us with numerous songs that have inspired and even helped heal broken hearts. So where does the talented artist get inspiration for some of his songs? Love, of course, and he won’t be running out of it anytime soon. Whilst his previous relationships ended in heartbreak, his marriage with Penny has already passed the decade mark and still going strong!

Rod deserves this second shot at true love since he’s contributed so much to the music industry, not to mention that he’s a legend. It’s time for the universe to give something back to him – something he always desires. They first met in 1999 and then got married in 2007. In 2011, the couple welcomed their first child. Sure, there might be an age gap between the model and the rocker, but it doesn’t matter at all. These two make it work; credits to them into making differences their strength.


He is one of this generation’s finest comedians, appearing in various blockbusters such as Cheaper By the Dozen, Pink Panther, and of course, contributing plenty to the success of Saturday Night Live. We wonder, is this how he won journalist Anne Stringfield over? Charming his way into her heart? The couple first met in 2004 and dated for a few years before deciding to make things official. They exchanged vows in 2007, in a private ceremony where only their closest family and friends attended.

Lavish ceremonies cost a lot of investment money so not only was this more intimate, but it was also practical. As we may have noticed, most famous people prefer simple weddings to expensive ones. Perhaps because they have nothing left to prove. We can only imagine how colorful Anne’s life must be for the rest of her years to come, having to spend it side by side with Steve who is such a positive and funny person, on and off the screen.


Another of our favorite funny guys with a big heart – Seth Rogen has been married to Lauren Miller for over fourteen years and by the looks of things, these two make a really compatible pair. They first met each other on the set of Da Ali G Show, back in 2004. The couple started out as best of friends, before finally taking a leap and deciding to take their relationship to another level. The risk paid off, of course!

Did you know that Lauren has received credit for appearing in some of Seth’s films, including Observer and Report and Superbad? Seth often gushed about his wife on social media for the world to know how in love he still is with the brunette beauty after all those years. Who could blame him? The real-life Snow White is a rare gem. Just recently, he revealed a flashback that during their wedding day, he was playing more video games during the reception than he did shots.



Svetlana Erokhin is the third wife of Richard Dreyfuss. After two failed marriages, the veteran actor took another shot at love after working with his legal counsel due to her two subsequent failed romances, and it was a success. They have been together for 14 years – far longer compared to his previous two relationships. This is it – this is the love that Richard has been waiting for and love that he deserves. Just like his movie Book Club, where he plays the role of a tax attorney who has been somewhat dragged by his predictable life and was legally separated a couple of times as well.

He then joined a dating website and found a second chance of love online. They looked so cute during their first date as two elderly people having fun and good conversation. Born on March 10, 1960, Svetlana was from Russia. However, it was not revealed how she moved to the United States. She tied the knot with Richard in 2006 at the magistrate’s office in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Their 14 years of happy marriage blessed them with three kids, and they sure invested all that they have to take care of these kids.


Since he was eight years old, Jay Leno never wanted to get married. However, this changed when he met his wife, Mavis Leno. The reason for which was more practical than romantic, needing to do so for his insurance policy. The pair first met in 1976, during one of Jay’s gigs at LA’s The Comedy Store. Love blossomed then, and by 1980, they moved in together. They tied the knot in the same year. Despite Jay’s rise in fame,  which may have included a number of temptations, these two remained steadfast.

Not having children was a mutual decision between them, one that they probably have no regrets over. These two might seem to have a strange love story, but it is obvious that ever since their first get together, they have already developed true love – and yes, the real kind. Struggles and hardships are unavoidable in a marriage, sometimes it’s inevitable. However, these give the couple enough strength to invest in each other more. As for their no baby policy, a ton of couples don’t have children yet still remain happy.



When Andy Serkis received his first-ever BAFTA award, his family witnessed one of his greatest achievements, led by his wife of 18 years, Lorraine Ashbourne. They were cheering him on, and you could see the happiness in their faces, giving all the thanks to the man of the house. An actress herself, Lorraine first met Andy in 1990 on the TV shows The Bill and Pie in the Sky. Even before they tied the knot in 2002, they were already blessed with their first child, Ruby, in 1998.

She was then followed by Sonny in 2000. Four years after, they welcomed their youngest child, Louis. Now, they are living happily together in Crouch End in London. Andy might be such a familiar face, and indeed he is – he portrayed the role of Smiggle in the legendary Lord of The Rings films. His character later turned into Gollum, and then became the second most favorite character of LoTR, according to a worldwide survey. In real life, Andy is number one in his wife’s heart – credits to his loyalty and nobility.



Julianne Moore has been married to Bart Freundlich for 17 years. Despite the many failed marriages in Hollywood, theirs stand strong. They are the perfect example of a great relationship that lasts longer. How did they do it? Julianne admitted that it was not an easy feat. They have to make investments within themselves to make it work. It takes a lot of hard work to have that excellent relationship that they now have. The two now have two kids, and their mantra in life is if they want a career, they have to work hard for it, go to school, find a job, and love will just happen to them.

Who could ever resist the beauty of this goddess? We’ll tell you who – no one. This is exactly one of the things that brought Bart head over heels for the porcelain skinned red head actress. Aside from having a perfect face and body even at an advanced age, Julianne is also very good in acting. Now, we discovered a whole new side of her that is just as good as the first two and that’s her being wife material.



Jean-Luc Godard and Ann-Marie Miéville are maybe the most significant relationship the entertainment industry can ever have. They are both critically acclaimed filmmakers. Godard has been dubbed as one of the leading figures of the New Wave movement in France, while Miéville is called a “hugely important multimedia artist” for her Sight and Sound. The two first met at the Cinémathèque Suisse in 1970. She became close to Godard when the latter suffered a near-fatal motorbike accident in 1971.

Since then, she had been a constant support to him that made their relationship grow stronger. Although they have yet to tie the knot, their love and the longevity of their relationship are the insurance of their strong bond. Tying the knot may be important, but what is more important is the commitment and love between two people who are willing to invest in to a lifetime bond; thanks to Anne for never neglecting the love of her life when he needed her most.



Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been together for more than a decade – 14 years to be exact. They tied the knot in 2006 and remained to be happily in love with each other. Everything started in a hotel room. At the time, Nicole just got recently separated from her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, thanks to her attorneys. She put her focus on work, going to Romania, and did a lot of movies. She then met Keith in 2005 at the G’Day USA gala, and eventually, the country singer called the actress.

From here, the rest is history as they ended up tying the knot just after a month of dating. Nicole and Keith is a match made in heaven. When asked what her husband’s best gift to her was, she answered “babies” and then giggled. She also revealed in an interview that whenever they are having a long stressful day, the best way for them to decompress is to sleep together.



Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman knew they were perfect for each other. The two tied the knot in 1982. However, after three decades of marriage, they decided to live apart in 2012. They rekindled their romance in 2013 and ended up separated again in 2017. Despite the separation, they didn’t hire a lawyer and fix their split legally. Perlman said they were happy with their relationship, despite being apart.

They live separately, but they see each other a lot. They have three kids, Lucy, Grace, and Jacob, and agree on almost everything necessary. Although they do not live in one roof, they still obviously have love and respect for each other. Sometimes, friendship is a way better relationship to invest in than marriage. Marriages often fail because of jealousy and too much pressure or checking up on one another. While, if a couple decides to stay friends for the sake of their children, then they will realize that it is better this way.



Tommy Lee Jones has been married three times, and the last seems to be his forever. With his lawyers’ help, he legally ended up his marriage with Katherine Larder, who was his wife from 1971 to 1978, and Kimberlea Cloughley, from 1981 to 1996, to which he shared two kids, Austin and Victoria. After five years since his last split, he took another shot at love and tied the knot with Dawn Laurel-Jones.

Dawn is a famed photographer known for her works in the movies The Hunted (2003), Robocop (1990), and, of course, her husband’s film, Men in Black II (2002) opposite Will Smith. Tommy can also be considered as one of the biggest names in Hollywood. He is known for his courageous acts with a humorous side, and, to no surprise, he is exactly like this in real life. This is probably one of the factors why her marriage with the beautiful Dawn is the lasting type.



Joaquin Phoenix gained more attention when he did the movie Joker in 2019 and received several awards. In his one of speeches, despite keeping their relationship low-key, he thanked his partner of four years, Rooney Mara. They first met on the set of the 2012 movie Her. Here, Rooney played the role of the ex-wife of Joaquin’s character. They got reunited in the 2018 historical film Mary Magdalene, where Rooney played the titular role while Joaquin was portrayed as Jesus. After the film wrapped, they started dating.

In 2017, the actor confirmed they were already living together, got engaged in 2019, and now, expecting their first child this year. In spite their age difference and the negative rumors surrounding their relationship, people commenting that their beauties don’t match and that they are both weird individuals, this never slowed their love down. The couple’s sweetest moment is when Joaquin won the Academy award for best actor in the film Joker and he teared up while trying to say I love you to Rooney, credits to these two for winning more than just a trophy – they won each other’s hearts in real life!



Harvey Keitel and Daphna Kastner have been married since 2001. According to reports, the two tied the knot in secret in Jerusalem. At the time, they were only attending the Haifa International Film Festival, but little did anyone know that they were already planning to get married. Later, they reportedly had their official ceremony at the house of one of Harvey’s friends, Ian Eckersley, in Manhattan. Today, they share one kid, Roman, who is now 15 years old.

Daphna is a Canadian actress, screenwriter, and film director, while Harvey is a known actor and producer, playing major roles in Taxi Driver (1976) and The Irishman (2019). One of the most recognizable acts that this gentleman is frequently caught on camera with, whether it is during red carpet events or just running errands, he always pulls the hand of his wife from behind so that they’d be walking side to side. This couple is actually made famous for that. It wasn’t intentional, perhaps it’s just one of his investments for his love for Daphna.



Kate Winslet had been through two failed marriages before she finally met the love of her life, Edward Abel Smith. She never let her failed relationships lose her faith in love. She was too privy that she managed to hide the details of her married life. Both relationships never ended up in the tabloids, and she was proud of being able to keep it private. Kate met Abel at the time she least expected. Instead of finding a relaxing place when she went on a vacation, she found love when she met Abel.

They instantly hit it off. They got engaged in the summer of 2012 and exchanged vows in December of the same year in a top-secret New York Ceremony. Surely, they live a low key relationship, knowing that Kate is very private and classy woman, credits to her husband as well, for wanting the same lifestyle as this red head beauty does. Some speculations were going around the internet that Kate and Leo, his Titanic co actor and best friend are in love that is why the two never seemed to have successful relationships with other people. Well, now, Kate proved them wrong.



Billy Zane and Candice Neil have been together since 2010, but the two have yet to tie the knot. He was set to marry his girlfriend in 2013, but as they were expecting to have their child in the same year, so they put their marriage on hold. The couple now has two kids, Ava Katherine, 9 years old, and Gia, 6 years old. Billy wanted to tie the knot in Greece, as a respect to his parents of Greek descent. He was eyeing to have a beach wedding to a certain degree, but that is yet to come.

By the looks of it, fans have to wait and see when their marriage will finally happen. On the previous page, we talked about Kate Winslet’s marriage. Now, we are talking about another iconic Titanic actor’s union. Clearly the actors from the said film know exactly how to handle a relationship. We should commend the film, though we are not sure how it is relevant but there must be some sort of a luck pattern.



Mary and Brendan Gleeson have been together for almost 40 years. They tied the knot in 1982. They share four sons, and three of them are all actors, Domnhall, Brian, and Fergus. Rory is the only one who does not follow in his father’s footsteps. He graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a BA in Psychology and earned degrees from Oxford, the University of Manchester, and UEA. In case you do not know, Brendan is famously known for his character as Alastor Moody in the Harry Potter franchise. He also has significant roles in the movies Braveheart, Lake Placid, Troy, and Mission: Impossible 2.

Although he carried the name “Moody” in the HP movie series, we don’t think he is moody in real life, especially in his marriage with this redhead fair-skinned beauty since the two are always seen so sweet together. People admire than especially when the couple is of age, and they still manage to keep the fire burning within their relationship. We should give credits to their children as well; Domnhall is creating a whole new Irish pride program in the movie industry taking over his parents’ charm.



Hugh Grant has been married to Anna Elisabet Eberstein since 2018. However, long before they tied the knot with a low-key ceremony at Chelsea register office, they already had a relationship. They got married near their $10-million house. They looked happy when they posed for photos with their family and friends, proudly showing their wedding rings. Anna is a television producer and a retail director from Sweden. She gained everyone’s attention when she started dating the British actor. However, it was not revealed how they met each other and fell in love. They welcomed their first child in 2012, John Mungo Grant, who is now 7 years old.

Hugh is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. He is known for his boy next door charm that often lands him the role of a leading man to charming and gorgeous actresses. His movies usually turn out as a box office. Aside from being charming on screen, he can also play the villain—he has versatility to his acting. We assume that he has versatility when it comes to his marriage as well, credits to him for working on that more to making his marriage last forever.



Geoffrey Rush and Jane Menelaus have been married since 1988. They have been together for 32 years and blessed with two kids, Angelica and James. Jane is an Australian actress. She was trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Her husband, alternatively, is getting the credits for being one of the 24 people who won the prestigious Triple Crown of Acting: a combination of an Academy Award for the film, a Primetime Emmy Award for television, and a Tony Award for theatre. Geoffrey’s accolades never stopped there.

He also won an Academy Award for the 1996 movie Shine, and a number of nominations in Shakespeare in Love, Quills, and The King’s Speech. An EGOT is in Geoffrey’s fate. Although there might have been some rumors surrounding their relationship lately that Jane was offended about her husband’s acts, the two confirmed that they remain strong for the sake of their family and their love. This is just perhaps another misunderstanding that they need to work with. When invested properly with their time and patience, this concern is going to go away in no time.



Michael Gambon may have an odd relationship or relationships rather. He has been married to the mathematician Anne Miller since 1962. He was only 22 then, and they were blessed with a son, Fergus. However, their almost 50 years of marriage is an untraditional one. The Harry Potter actor has also been in a relationship with the set designer Philippa Hart, who is 25 years old younger than him. They have been together since 2000 after they met on the movie Longitude. They have two sons, Tom and Will.

Michael divides his time between his two families in West London and Kent. Despite their odd situation, he should still have the credits for looking after them. Michael is another HP actor in this list who maintains a long lasting marriage. Michael must get commendations in his wonderful married life with his beautiful wife for working on gaining her trust back and learning from his past mistake. He is a real life wizard indeed.


Billy Dee Williams has been married twice before, but with Teruko Nakagami, he found the love he is looking for. The couple tied the knot in 1972. Just after a year of marriage, they have been blessed with a lovely daughter named Hanako Williams. Hanako is now all grown up and is 48 years old. She is currently a successful woman.  Although she did not follow in her father’s footsteps, she now works as an art gallery manager in Los Angeles.

Now, Billy and Teruko are mostly spending their time playing with their grandkids. They are surely getting some credits for being fun and loving grandparents. At 83 years old, Billy remains in the spotlight, still making an appearance in the Star Wars franchise, which made him famous in the industry. With that, it is now safe to assume that regardless of how this couple wants to spend the rest of their life, they will probably have a worry-free journey.


Joy Behar often shows her comedic side on The View, but often, her topic is her husband of nine years, Steve Janowitz. Although the two have only been married for less than a decade, they have been together for more than 30 years. Despite the sporadic jokes, their love for each other remains to be their insurance for their solid relationship. Joy and Steve started dating in 1982. They were in a relationship for about 29 years when they finally decided to tie the knot in August 2011.

Although they were both parts of the opposite sex, Joy revealed they opted to wait for same-sex marriage to get legalized in New York, which would only show that love conquers anything, and that gender doesn’t matter. However, before they exchanged their vows, she briefly broke off their engagement in 2009. We’re glad that all is well now as they are about to celebrate a decade of marriage next year.


Diane Addonizio rose to prominence for being the wife of the former National Football League defensive end player Howie Long. The 60-year-old sports icon is now a known sports analyst, thanks to the 13 seasons in the NFL world. In 1982, he tied the knot with a beautiful lawyer that was Addonizio. Addonizio was born in 1962 in New York. Raised in a catholic family, she attended Villanova University and eventually graduated from USC School of Law.

After her marriage to Long, they were blessed with three kids: Chris, Kyle, and Howard Jr. Chris was born in 1985, followed by Kyle in 1988, and they welcomed the youngest, Howard Jr., in 1990. Diane is now 58 years old, and although she no longer practices her profession, she is happy being a full-time wife and mother to her family. Certainly, being a full-time mom is the best profession she could offer to her family. She decided to step down in the industry, and her husband now manages to sustain the needs of his family. Talk about a real partnership in marriage!


Kelly Preston met John Travolta at the audition of the 1998 movie The Experts. At the time, they needed to dance, so they did. It seemed that it was destiny that brought her to Travolta. In an interview, Preston revealed it was a kind of “love at first sight” that brought her and the iconic actor together. She found the person that she wanted in Travolta, resulting in 28 years of romance. They were blessed with two kids.

Although not everything was perfect between the two, they had endured a love story that lasted in Hollywood – a rare degree of romance that you would not often see in this business. They had survived a number of tragedies and celebrated victories with each other. Today, regardless of whatever comes in their life, they have learned to face challenges courageously. They have also conquered numerous problems in the past and there is no doubt that their love for each other would help them overcome more trials.


Five years after the demise of her husband, Frank Gifford, Kathie Lee Gifford found a new love. The famous TV presenter is ready to get into a relationship again and dating this new “mystery man” from her hometown of Nashville. The 67-year-old star believes love will find her, so she never looks for it.

She’s confident that God will bring the guy for her— and He eventually did. Although Katie chose not to reveal this mysterious guy’s identity, Daily Mail indicates his name is Randy Cronk, and he’s an insurance agent from Tennessee. The author, however, has yet to confirm if Randy is the new guy she’s with and remains mum about their romance. She only says her new boyfriend is a “sweet guy.” By the looks of it, Kathie is not in a rush to take their relationship to the next level and not looking for anyone to replace his late husband yet.


You may think Queen Latifah is single, but she’s very much in a relationship. The famed rapper has only been mum about her sexuality and private life. She refuses to talk about these things even in interviews. Queen Latifah, however, has been happy being with her long-time partner, Eboni Nichols. They even have a kid together, so how does their romance begin?

Queen Latifah and Eboni first met on the set of Dancing with the Stars in 2009. Their romance, however, didn’t begin until 2013. Nobody knew how everything started, though, knowing the 50-year-old star’s reclusive nature. She has been guarding her personal relationship against the outside world like she has her own home security system within her that nobody can trespass. What do little birds know is that Queen Latifah and Eboni got engaged in 2018, and the latter was heavy with a child in 2019—though either of these things was confirmed.


Judy Sheindlin, also known as the famed prosecutor Judge Judy, may have one failed relationship, but she never let that happen again when she met Jerry Sheindlin. They have been married since 1991, though it was the second time that they tied the knot. The couple first got married in 1977, but just like ordinary husbands and wives, these two trial judges had their fair share of family problems. Did they hire their own lawyers for their separation? Probably.

The two parted ways in 1990, and after just a year, they realized their mistakes. Judy and Jerry rekindled their romance and renewed their vows. She accepted her husband’s blindspot and gave credence to the idea that she couldn’t change anyone. It then resulted in almost 42 years of togetherness, and it looks like no one can separate Judy and Jerry anymore.


Michael is a former football star turned television personality, with credit to his successful talk show Strahan and Sara. Being in the spotlight meant people were also curious about his dating life. Michael is private when it comes to this matter, but his romance with Kayla Quick is pretty much public knowledge. Although their relationship is not a secret, the life of Kayla is pretty much in private even after the accusations and issues she has faced.

According to reports, the two started dating back in 2016. Their relationship is a little controversial because Kayla is 20 years old and has personal issues before. Nonetheless, if she’s turned her life around and they’re happy together—who are we to judge? From then on, the two have been living a blissful and steadfast life. We can’t wait to see them having their kids in the future.


The marriage of Kathie Lee Gifford and her second husband Frank Gifford has always been talked about. Although the decades-long love between the former Today star and the late TV sports commentator has twists and turns, there is no doubt that their union is full of eternal love. Kathie and Frank first dated in the mid-1980s when they first met at Good Morning America. Kathie was a full-time host at the time. Prior to this, Frank served as a central defender for the New York Giants in the NFL, and later became widely known for his comments on ABC’s Monday Night Football.

Kathie Lee once said that she fell in love with Frank the first time they were together. The happy couple married in October 1986, and soon they became the beloved parents of their son Cody Gifford and daughter Cassidy Gifford. When Frank died in August 2015 at the age of 84, the love story of the married couple was interrupted. Maybe Kthie is embracing a new life now, but she still remembers their good times.


Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen have been married for 34 years. Yep, more than three decades and the degree of love they have for each other seems to be the same. They hold the cutest love story that is one for the books. Joel and Victoria first met when he visited her mother’s jewelry store. This meeting changed their lives forever as rumors had it that they started dating right away.

They tied the knot in 1987, and Joel started following his father’s request to be a preacher. Victoria followed suit after, and they are now two of the most famous preachers in America, not to mention the most affluent, too. Victoria said in an interview that being in the field of ministry was a “whole new ball game.” They weren’t pastors yet when they got married, so the love that they both had for their work and people might have made their bond stronger.

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