Celebrities and Their Million Dollar-Insured Body Parts

We all have what we consider as our best physical feature or body part. And some celebrities who make a living from their physical attributes or athletic prowess value these features in a more mind-blowing way. More than just splurging on skincare and diet, some celebrities have also thrown their earnings in insuring their most valuable body parts. If that already sounds extreme, well wait until you hear this next fun fact.

If you’re someone who has it all— fame and fortune— well, you can get body part insurance amounting to staggering millions of dollars! And for some stars, these parts even cost more than luxury items from famous brands, cars, or even villas.

But then again, you really can’t blame these celebrities for their unconventional actions if they have the bucks to back it up. Besides, some of them do have a reasonable reason as to why they did it in the first place. So if you’re wondering which celebrity insured which body part, then check out our star-studded list!


Famed for her unique whistling talent while hitting those very high notes, Mariah Carey became one of the American music industry’s most unforgettable musicians. Her singing abilities were so out of this world that the Guinness Book of World Records even dubbed her as the Songbird Supreme. Mariah Carey had dozens of chart-topping hits, especially on the Billboards, throughout her career. This success made her one of the best-selling music artists of all time and cemented herself along the lines of Michael Jackson in history.

It’s no wonder that she placed an insurance policy on that angelic voice of hers and her legs— thanks to the Legs of a Goddess campaign. To date, her voice and legs cost a mind-blowing $35 million, and since she has not announced her retirement from the music industry yet, we believe that she will continue her path and make her voice and legs worth much more.


Robyn Rihanna Fenty, more popularly known as just Rihanna or Riri in the music industry, is Barbadian-born and bred. She became a hit in the American scene after artfully combing R.N.B. music with a Caribbean flair through her two albums, Music of the Sun and A Girl Like Me, in the early 2000s. Riri has 9 Grammy awards to boast about, along with dozens of other famous awards. Thanks to her successful music career and her Fenty Beauty cosmetics brand, Rihanna flew to the top as the wealthiest female musician.

Despite her $600 million net worth, Rihanna only got a $1 million insurance policy on her legs. However, even though it’s a much smaller price compared to her net worth, we still can’t deny that her legs are worth so much more than the ordinary person’s health coverage. Funny enough, the decision came after Gillette awarded her the Venus Breeze Celebrity award for their Legs of a Goddess campaign.


If you haven’t heard the famous Proud Mary song, then you’re missing a lot. It was sung by none other than the Queen of Rock N Roll herself, Tina Turner, which garnered a Grammy award. Tina is one of those few singers in history who can put on a show during live performances and concerts. With her unparalleled energy and stage presence, coupled with her singing talent, she became a Grammy Hall of Famer, a Lifetime Achievement awardee, and is considered one of the Rolling Stone’s best musicians alongside many other great musicians, both alive and departed.

She even has her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, she is also known for her amazing legs, which Tina always showcases in all of her concerts and interviews. And it finally got the insurance policy that it deserves, amounting to $3.2 million. If you want to get your legs insured, then you better start belting out powerful notes as well.


If you’re into race cars and professional racing, then you probably know who Fernando Alonso is. He’s regarded as one of the best Formula One race car drivers of all time. And his love for the rush of high-speed driving started from go-kart racings at the age of three. But it was during his teens when Fernando finally had his lucky break after bagging the 1999 Nissan European Open. Fernando Alonso has driven for several famous race car brands over the years, including Minardi and Renault.

It was during his time with Ferrari, where the famous thumb insurance policy-signing happened. Surprisingly, it was part of his contract with the world-class car brand, which amounted to $13.3 million. Now that’s a big thumbs up from us. Even though that’s a large amount of insurance money, we and all of his other fans still hope that he will never need that money in the future.


Mervyn Gregory Hughes, or more commonly known as Merv and gained the nickname “Fruitfly” in the sports world, is an Aussie credited for his amazing cricket playing milestones. Funny enough, he didn’t start his love for sports with cricket but rather with football at Werribee during the 5th grade. It was during his historic win in the WACA Ground during 1988 where his international sporting career took flight. However, more than his cricket moves, Merv was also famous for his unique mustache, which became a trademark for the cricket star.

The athlete eventually had his facial hair insured for a “humble” cost of $775,000 during the height of his career. People often say that you can tell it’s Merv playing even from a distance thanks to his horseshoe-shaped mustache. It’s a good thing that he decided to shave it that way. He gives all the credit to his family members for accepting that style and his fans for embracing it.


Whether you’re a Rock N Roll fan or not, you’ve probably heard or read about the all-time famous Kiss band. Gene Simmons is notably known as The Demon in the acclaimed band. You know the one whose face is painted with a white and black design who sings and plays the bass guitar. The makeup was, in fact, a trademark of the band, which earned them so much fame and attention. But don’t forget that those are not the only things that made them great, they too have great music and amazing stage performances.

But that’s not what made Gene stand out from the rest of his bandmates. It was interestingly his weirdly long tongue that Simmons often sticks out during their performances. The tongue sticking was part of his fire-breathing demon persona, but it gained so much fame that insurance was eventually placed on it. And the Kiss front man happily spent $ 1 million for his insanely long tongue.


If you have encountered Irish dance shows such as the famous Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, Feet of Flames, and Celtic Tiger Live, you have been probably marveled by the internationally known Irish-American dancer Michael Ryan Flatley. His exceptional work duly recognized him in the reinvention of traditional Irish dance, where he incorporated new rhythms, syncopation, and upper body movements. His out of the world dancing skills and abilities paved the way into his success, earning $ 1 billion by performing in front of 60 million people in 60 countries.

He also holds a record for of tap dancing 35 times per second in the Guinness World Records. But those are not the only things that he has done. He has a lot more achievements and recognitions throughout his illustrious career. With the earnings and success, he has through dancing, he gave importance and acquired insurance for his feet for $ 40 million.


Have you ever heard of Hannah Montana? It’s an American teen sitcom played by the famous singer Miley Cyrus. In 2004, Billy Ray Cyrus’ daughter started her acting career by portraying the role of secret pop-star Hannah Montana. The story focuses on Miley Stewart, a teen living two lives as a simple and ordinary student at day and a famous pop singer at night with the stage name Hannah Montana.

Miley’s career flourished even after ending Hannah Montana; with her singing and inspirational songs, she released successful albums like Breakout in 2008 and Can’t Be Tamed in 2010. In 2013, she became hotter and more popular by releasing her song Wrecking Ball that shocked the world. In the music video, clips of her showing her tongue trended in many social media outlets, which became her reason to get the body part insurance for around $ 1 million, setting it as her trademarked image.


Taylor Swift is a famous American singer who chose to get insurance for her legs for a large amount of $40 million. Although she was reportedly embarrassed with the worth she decided to spend on her legs, Swift was convinced that it was the right thing to do, just in case that she would get injured in her performance routines. The news of her having her legs insured surprised many people because of the large sum she spent on it.

But she did not let herself be hindered by getting this insurance because she knew better her legs’ value as a performer. She became popular by expressing herself through music. She creates songs inspired by her personal life, and her relatable love songs hook people. She has not retired yet so we believe that she will still perform amazingly on stage and create more incredible music.


Many people probably know his name already since he has already made a name of his own while doing the sport that he loves. But for football enthusiasts, you may have been amazed and even idolized the famous football superstar David Beckham. The professional football player scored 62 goals with his team, the Manchester U, in 1995-1996. He also played in the Spanish league La Liga with the Real Madrid team in 2003. In 2007 he played with the L.A. Galaxy in Major League Soccer.

He became a famous football player in the United States, where he was signed into a $ 32.5 million contract. In 2006 he invested in ensuring his legs for around $ 195 million and was recorded as the most comprehensive personal insurance policy in sporting history in 2010. With his gainful career in modeling, this insurance was believed to protect his physical appearance as a model.


While other personalities chose to get insurance for just a part of their body, James Bond actor Daniel Craig decided to get insured for his full body. The English actor became famous for portraying James Bond in a lot of movies. His body was insured for $9.5 million. He decided to get the policy after he agreed to do his stunt in the movie Casino Royale as James Bond. His film Casino Royale that premiered in 2006, earned a total of U.S. $594,239,066 worldwide.

It even earned him a nomination in the Award for Best Actor in a leading role in the British Academy Awards. His exceptional stunts and performances as James Bond justify the amount that he spends in protecting his body. At present, Daniel Craig’s net worth is $130 million and he is still active in his career. This means you will get to see more of him in the future.


Another football superstar is a Portuguese football professional player Cristiano Ronaldo. He was considered the best football player globally and was acknowledged as one of the greatest players of all time. He holds the records for the most goals and assists of 130 and 40 respectively in the Union of European Football Association Champions League. He leads in the list of the highest- paid footballers with his annual salary and endorsement earnings.

In 2018 his legs insurance was reported with an amount of $144 million by Real Madrid. Real Madrid chose to get insurance for Cristiano Ronaldo to protect them from a severe injury Ronaldo may have acquired during a game. And the great thing about this is that there is no news that he needs that insurance. We hope that this keeps up. Now, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s wealthiest athletes, with a net worth of roughly $460 million.


Bruce Springsteen is a 1970s famous singer, songwriter, and solo artist and a bandleader of E Street Band. Have you ever heard of his Born to Run? Or have you watched one of his live performances with his band? If yes, you would surely agree that his live performances and even singing voice are unique and will cause you to dance along with the music he makes. Not only are his live performances exceptional, but also the way he writes the songs and expresses them through colorful singing.

His album Born in the U.S.A was his most commercially successful album that earned him a certified 15x platinum and was sold with 30 million copies worldwide. This was the album that greatly helped his career. Now, with his rising career as a successful rock figure, he soon decided to have insurance for his one-of-a-kind voice that cost $6 million.


The highest-paid American woman in the 1940’s was no other than Betty Grable. She became a part of Springtime in the Rockies, Coney Island, and Pin-Up Girl. She was the girl who sang, danced, and performed while catching the hearts of American men. She was also known for her ideal legs; it was said to have a proportion of 18.5-inch thigh, 12-inch calf, and 7.5-inch ankle. Her legs were considered the best legs and were even given insurance with an amount of $1 million by her studio Lloyd’s of London.

Her ever-famous pinup photo wearing a bathing suit and high- heeled pumps, exposing her beautiful legs and beautiful face, have sold millions of copies in World War II. What a successful supermodel she is in World War II-era! There are no doubts that she has been one of the top performers of her time. She really deserves to be in the hall of fame.


If you are a fan of hard rock, then you would know The Rolling Stones. This band pioneered the definition of hard rock by their music. One of the co-founders and the guitarist of this band is Keith Richards, ranked fourth on the list of 100 best guitarists in 2011 with his work the rock’s most significant single body of riffs. Richard does not only play one guitar but two in their band. He plays both the lead and the rhythm guitar; he sometimes plays all the guitar parts while recording it.

His significant role as a guitarist made him put a value on his hands and invested in insurance for his writings that amounted to around $1.6 million. Some sources claimed that this insurance was only for his left hand’s middle finger. But even if it is his whole hands, it would still be a great choice that he insured them.


One of the prettiest actresses I’ve ever known, Julia Roberts, is genuinely dazzling on and off- screen. She’s not only beautiful but is also known for being a versatile actress who brought to life numerous all-time favorite films. Julia Roberts was the “It” girl during the ‘90s and starred on box office hits such as Notting Hill, Erin Brokovich, and My Best Friend’s Wedding. But it was in her acclaimed film, Pretty Woman, that her career was launched.

Julia Roberts has also garnered tons of awards, including three Golden Globes and an Academy Award for Best Actress. Thanks to her successful films, she was one of the highest-paid actresses of all time and was on People’s Magazine’s prettiest women list for five times. But Julia is also best known for her stunning smile, which is why this iconic smile was insured for a whopping $30 million. Now, this is a smile that would melt not only hearts but also wallets, to a certain degree!


Troy Polamalu, one of the best N.F.L. players definitely know how to bring the game on. He started off playing with the acclaimed University of South Carolina during his college years. Where he even graduated with honors despite the rigorous training and games. A first-round pick by the famous Pittsburgh Steelers on the first N.F.L. Drafted in 2003, Polamalu stayed with the team during his 13-year career. However, this N.F.L. Defensive Player of the Year awardee was known for his athleticism and stunning, naturally curled hair.

Trust us when we say that if you see this man on the field or in the street, you’d probably think he’s the real-life version of Maui from Moana because of his hair. He is not a Demi-God though. But kidding aside, it is all thanks to Head and Shoulders, Polamalu’s hair got an insurance policy worth $1 million. You can never go wrong with a good set of hair.


Highly acclaimed and dubbed as one of the greatest actresses to have ever set foot on film history, Bette Davis was nothing short of talented and stunning. She started off performing on Broadway before finally trying her luck making movies in Hollywood when she was just 22 years old. Thanks to her breakthrough role in Of Human Bondage, Davis gained stardom, especially after bagging the Best Actress Award at the Academy Awards the next year for Dangerous.

She went on to make dozens of famous films during her 60-year career before passing away. Although a song was created in honor of Bette Davis’ beautiful eyes, her killer waistline got the insurance policy amounting to $43,000. According to reports, it was done to prevent losing her amazing figure due to weight gain during the height of her career and they said that it was the best decision that she has made ever since.


British singer-songwriter Sir Roderick David Stewart, or more famously known as Rod Stewart, was one of my mom’s favorite singers during her teens. But then again, who doesn’t love the famous Rock n Roll star who took the world by storm during the 1960s up until the present? This U.S. Rock and Roll Hall of Famer started his singing career alongside various bands before signing in for a solo career.

It was credited to the famous song titled Good Morning Little Schoolgirl that propelled him to become the most significant and best-selling musician of all time. Rod Stewart’s unique music style made him an all-time favorite; however, his distinct raspy voice rocked the whole world, which is why it wasn’t shocking that the rock star insured it for a mind-blowing $6 million. He has not made the news for quite a while now but we know that he is still well and living a happy life.


At a young age, America Ferrera has probably achieved more than most actors during her period. She became America’s sweetheart after playing the titular role in the famous T.V. series, Ugly Betty, which ran for five years. But it was Ferrera’s roles in countless films that took the U.S. to breathe away thanks to her stunning and emotional performances. She is already an Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild awardee despite her young age. This is all because of her passion and all her hard work throughout her career.

Her notable movies include The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants, The Dry Land, and How to Train Your Dragon franchise. America Ferrera is such a beautiful soul, but her dazzling smile always makes people look twice in her direction. It was the brand Aquafresh Trays which took on the insurance policy for Ferrera’s smile that amounted to $10 million for their campaign.


All around the singer, dancer, actor, and host, Fred Astaire has probably done it all during his career. But did you know that his real name was Frederick Austerlitz? Women have fallen head over heels for this man when he rose to Broadway’s fame in various musicals and movies. Astaire’s moves got him the spotlight when he highlighted tap dancing in Shall We Dance and Top Hat.

Besides his incredible career, Astaire never failed to give back and started working as a choreographer, influencing the next generation of dancers with his innovative moves and perfectionism. Because of her, there are many great dancers out there. You can really say that she has been an inspiration for those young dancers. Being a dancing star means only one thing, ensuring your legs. Of course, Fred Astaire didn’t even hesitate to put an investment in his legs, which came for $75,000. Each of them very safe about all.


German-born Marie Magdalene Dietrich, or more famously known as Marlene, came a long way from her small theater performances in Berlin. Her role in The Blue Angel as Lola Lola kick- started her career internationally, where she got a contract with Paramount Pictures. And this has been the main reason how she got her wealth. Marlene’s acting career was at its height during World War II, starring in films such as Shanghai Express, Morocco, and Desire.

But the most notable thing that she has done in her life is that she was also a famed humanitarian who went the extra mile in helping out German and French exiles. But Marlene’s charm comes from both her acting and singing skills. This songbird’s unique raspy voice has an insurance policy of $1 million. Well, who wouldn’t want to bet their money on something so precious after all?


My mom would often say that you’ll recognize Jamie Lee even from a distance. And that’s thanks to her unique hairstyle and towering height that’s uncommon to women. She was dubbed as a scream queen after starring in several successful horror films, including Halloween, which launched her into stardom. However, Jamie Lee Curtis did not just stick into horror film credits as she started expanding her acting horizons and took in films from various genres.

Her versatility earned her numerous awards, including Best Actress in BAFTA and a Golden Globe throughout her career. Some of her notable films are True Lies, Forever Young, and The Tailor of Panama. But if there’s one thing that Jamie Lee loves, that’s her perfectly sculpted long legs, which became her most envied feature. Of course, the actress put a price on them by investing $2.8 million for both pairs and is one of the most expensive despite not being a dancer.


Born from the city that never sleeps, New York, Jimmy Durante was both an actor and a musician. It wasn’t long before he became an iconic T.V. personality both on and off-screen. Jimmy was more famous for his vaudeville days because he can’t just act well, but his pipes are one-of-a-kind. His voice provided him the platform for his radio career alongside his buddies Lou Clayton and Eddie Jackson. This has definitely boosted his career and made him a very wealthy man with a net worth that you would not dare to imagine.

But every celebrity always has something unique that they possess, whether it be a physical feature or talent. And for Jimmy Durante, that’s his one-of-a-kind nose that he often refers to as schnozzola. Thanks to this, he became known for another name: “The Schnoz.” Jimmy eventually got $50,000 worth of insurance for it during the height of his career.


One of the most famous food critics, Egon Ronay, made a name for himself after fleeing from Hungary into London. He started as a food columnist at The Daily Telegraph, who later turned him into a renowned food consultant and author. Egon is not a newcomer when it came to good food as he grew up in a restaurant owned and ran by his late father and was soon passed down to him.

During his stay in London, his tongue developed its unique talent for discovering exquisite flavors from dishes. This was the main reason on how he was able to make his name known all over the world. Later on, Egon published his most famous guides for Irish and British restaurants and hotels, which became a series and a must-have in England back then. Later on, he got an insurance policy for his taste buds, which costs about $330,000.


If you think playing the violin is hard enough, try playing it with lightning-fast fingers. Oliver Lewis, a renowned musician, and violinist has achieved the impossible with his instrument. Born in London, Lewis started his career with the Bern Symphony Orchestra playing as a solo violinist. He founded the Deviations Project, an electronic music group that skillfully melds classical music with a more futuristic electronic flare.

Although Lewis has made such a great career in music, it was Guinness World Record for the fastest fingers in playing the Bumblebee that made him even more famous worldwide. And his “The Flash” fingers got insurance for a whopping $2 million afterward. I mean, who wouldn’t want to keep the World’s Fastest Fingers safe, right? Don’t worry, as of today, he still keeps his fingers safe from any harm and all of his fans do not want anything to happen to those fingers.


Composer turned wine connoisseur, Ilja Gort has become even more famous within the winemaking industry nowadays. But before his love for grapes and wine, there was his love for music. Gort composed many well-known tunes, including those used in commercials for multi- million brands such as Heineken, Nescafe, and Randstad. However, he later discovered his knack for winery created some acclaimed wines which sold for millions of dollars.

It even won in the International Wine Challenge in 2003. He has also written a lot of books talking about his experience in the wine industry. However, being a famous wine taster, one’s sense of smell is quite essential, which is why Gort had his nose insured for an eye-popping $8 million investment later on. The decision came from a news piece that one can quickly lose his sense of smell in various accidents and this has been his greatest asset ever since.


Not many know who Angela Mount is unless you’re in the food industry, particularly in the winery. Winemaking has been an intricate art that was passed from generation to generation. And one of the leading winemakers, Somerfield, had one ace up their sleeve. It’s none other than Angela Mount and her fantastic taste buds. Thanks to Angela, the brand has garnered awards.

It even rose to the best of the best with its wine range. She was a famous writer and wine critic, who is one of the V.I.P. customers of Somerfield. But Angela gained more media fame after the brand decided to get an insurance policy for her taste buds, which amounted to more than $13 million. From the article written by Angela herself about her experience, she noted that the action was only a P.R. stint for the brand to make the Christmas season merrier for their wine range.


If you liked reality shows, you probably watched The Girls Next Door and Holly’s World, where we can watch the beautiful Holly Madison. She was an American model and television personality known for her works in reality shows and many other movies where she did very well. She was present in the Seasons 1-5 of The Girls Next Door and was able to have her reality show entitled Holly’s World. It is a series portraying Holly’s new life in Las Vegas and it has been a hit.

She was also a cast member in Dancing with the Stars, World’s Largest Bikini Parade, and Peepshow. Holly’s growing career made her aware of the value she needs to put in her breasts to protect her current work, herself, the project she is currently in, and its production staff. That is why she did not hesitate in getting insurance for an amount of $1 million for her breasts.


If you know Kim Kardashian-West’s physique nowadays, then I’m pretty sure you already guessed which body part she got insured. The Kardashian-Jenner clan is one of the most popular and most talked-about families in Hollywood. Well, probably because they turned their daily family life into a multi-million T.V. show. And among the siblings, Kim is one of the most prominent being a model, actress, T.V. personality, and successful businesswoman with her K.K. cosmetics line.

Married to rapper-entrepreneur Kanye West, Kim is also known for her physical features, with that small waist and large booty that a lot of people envy. Those perfectly-shaped buttocks are not just for show as they are insured for a mind-blowing $21 million. Talk about an insanely expensive booty that costs as much as a real estate investment. Both she and her husband must have a really good financial advisor since they have been keeping their wealth intact.


Dolly Parton is one of the most famous country singers of all time thanks to her very unique voice and heart-moving music. Just a fun fact about this American singer-songwriter: she’s actually the original singer of the famous song I Will Always Love You and not Whitney Houston. All throughout her singing career, Dolly bagged so many domestic and international awards. These include ten Grammys, three A.M.A. awards, five A.C.M. awards, a Lifetime Achievement Award, and more.

In 1999, this country music superstar became a Country Music Hall of Famer. However, it’s not just the voice that makes her stand out, but it’s also her big bosom, which she considers one of her best assets. And she even secured them with an insurance policy for $300,000 each. She should maintain her beautiful and healthy body so that her insurance policy will not go to waste.


If you’re a ‘90s baby, you’ve probably sung and danced to many Kylie Minogue tunes. This Aussie- British singer first came into the limelight at a young age during the 1980s for acting in a few T.V. shows. But it was around 1987 when her first two singles, The Locomotion and I Should Be So Lucky, propelled her into international stardom and made her one of the highly paid singers and performers of her generation.

Since then, Kylie has garnered dozens of awards, including a Grammy award, 17 ARIA awards and many more!. But it wasn’t until the debut of her hit song Spinning Around where she had the crazy idea of getting insurance for her buttocks worth $5 million. And it all was thanks to those dazzling golden shorts she wore for the music video of that specific song. You can check them if you want.


Jenny from the Block singer Jennifer Lopez is one of those few celebrities who aged beautifully and still dances like a teenager. And she isn’t just an accomplished singer, but she also carries a few famous Hollywood movies under her belt, thanks to her knack for acting. It was for her leading role in Selena that helped propel her singing, dancing, and acting career. Nowadays, parties are never complete without a body-moving JLo tune in the mix. Furthermore, her live performances always scream energy.

They are always topped off with a few booty-shaking moves, which is why it wasn’t much of a surprise that she invested an eye-popping $22 million for her buttocks’ insurance. However, Jennifer Lopez later rejected the claims, but the rumor of its cost was still brow-raising. But nevertheless, Jennifer Lopez has and always will be one of the best live performers I’ve ever seen in my life.


If there’s one musician who has a knack for pushing degrees and boundaries while being a trendsetter in the music industry, then that’s none other than the Queen of Pop Madonna. Born as Madonna Louise Ciccone, this singer-songwriter launched her music career at a young age with the all-time favorite Like A Virgin single paving the way. Her amazing versatility even earned her a Best Actress award at the prestigious Golden Globes for her role in Evita.

Over the years, there’s nothing that Madonna can’t do, cementing her as one of the most prominent pop culture figures of all time. However, this multi-millionaire values not only her voice, acting, or dancing skills but also her bust. And she deemed them so important for her image that Madonna decided to pull some bucks to insure them for a whopping $ 2 million. As you can see in some of the recent updates about her that she is still taking care of them.


Who would have thought that even body hair can be insured? It might seem unlikely, but not if you are Tom Jones! He is a famous Welsh singer known for his voice described as a full-throated and robust baritone. He was called as a musical shapeshifter for his ability to slide from different kinds of tones and textures of his singing voice.

It would have made better sense if he insured his vocal cords because of his fantastic voice quality but too much surprise, he was reportedly invested in having insurance for his chest hair for an amount of $6.8 million. But on the official website of the singer, they stated that it wasn’t true that the singer would spend a large sum for the insurance of his chest hair. They consider the news humorous, and we’re hoping that it will not be taken seriously.


The coffee industry is one of the largest beverage industries in the world. And if its coffee were talking, there’s no one better to deliver the best than Gennaro Pelliccia. He is famous for being one of the best coffee tasters and creators of his generation. Gennaro is the man behind the world-class Costa Coffee brand’s success and was even dubbed as the Master of Coffee.

For almost two decades working for the brand, the coffee man has created some of the best-tasting coffee blends globally and has also provided various insights into the intricate coffee blending procedures.

And his taste buds were so important not only to the Costa Coffee brand but to the industry as well, that they decided to place insurance on his tongue, which amounted to about $13 million. We and all of his fans know that he will do a lot more greater things in his life soon.


When it comes to football, every player of the team is an asset, especially the goalkeeper. And Manuel Neuer proved to the world that he’s one of the best of the world’s best goalkeepers to date. Born in Germany, Neuer rose into football fame after signing up for the Bundesliga and Bayern Munich during his career. And in fact, he has captained both teams during his contract with them. He was also part of the German National football team.

What’s more, thanks to his unique playstyle, Neuer racked up numerous awards such as Goalkeeper of the Year in UEFA and was hailed as a four-time World’s Best Goalkeeper by IFFHS. He even topped some of the best of his generation. But being a goalkeeper, it’s not only your feet that matters but your hands as well. Thanks to his career, the man invested some of his earnings, getting a $4 million insurance policy for his hands.


Whether you are a football fan or not, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the name Messi before. Lionel Messi is dubbed as one of the greatest, most influential, and highest-paid football athletes in history. This Argentinian athlete started his football career at a young age after joining Barcelona when he was only 13 years old. After debuting in the world stage at 17, Messi showed everyone how good his athletic skills were.

But he just kept on getting better and better in the succeeding years of his career, which ultimately led to bagging a record high six Ballon. Or awards, ten La Liga titles, UEFA championship titles, and multiple FIFA World Cup championship finals. The list of his achievements goes on and on, which led to Messi getting an insurance policy on his most prized possession, his legs. According to reports, the football superstar’s legs cost a staggering almost $900 million.


When it comes to playing yoyo, Harvey Lowe is the man. He won the prestigious World Yo-Yo Contest during 1932, and he was the first-ever competitor to bag the title as the competition was just first launched at that time. Harvey was a Canadian, and after witnessing his knack for playing the yoyo, Irving Cook decided to bring him to London to hone his skills further. After his championship title, he continued to stay in London and was said to have developed about 2000 new tricks during that time.

But then, his mother sent him to China to study the Chinese language and perhaps earn a degree. This experience opened up a new chapter where he began jotting down his experience in the Orient. The story took a turn to the radio, which became a famous and well-loved segment that ran for 14 years. But Harvey will forever be known as one of the greatest yoyo players of all time, and he even insured his hands for about $107,000 after winning the said championship.


The hit reality T.V. series American Idol has produced over dozens of famous singers throughout its run, and Adam Lambert was one of them. He became a crowd-favorite throughout their season, and despite finishing off as just the runner up, Lambert proved to everyone that he could still make it big. Once American Idol wrapped up, Lambert released his first-ever album titled For Your Entertainment and this has been one of the best albums that he has released so far.

Singles from the album blew his fans away, and one even received a Grammy Award nomination. After another few successful Billboard singles hit, Lambert, later on, went on a tour with world-renowned group Queen. Lambert’s chilling vocal cords got an insurance policy of $48 million, later on, stating that it’s his bread and butter after all and his career is the only thing that keeps him happy.


The famed drummer of the Rock n Roll band Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, started music even when he was still young. Coming from a Dutch-Indonesian descent, Alex’s father was a professional saxophonist and clarinet player who loved jazz and shared his love for music with his two sons. Both the Van Halen brothers were great pianists but later turned to the rock genre, where they eventually formed Van Halen with several other friends and he said in one of his interviews that he has no regrets of forming a band together with all his friends and family members.

After signing with Warner Studios, the band soared, producing dozens of hard rock singles and albums. It was during this time that Alex earned credit for his unique drumming skills. And thanks to Roth’s prodding, Alex had his elbows insured as it was considered the band’s prized possession. Make sure that he will keep this path to greatness!


Disney has produced many famous teen stars in Hollywood, and Jennifer Love Hewitt is no exception. She started her acting and singing career in a series titled Kids Incorporated from the Disney Channel. Thanks to her leading role in the horror-thriller film I Know What You Did Last Summer, Hewitt rose to teen stardom and because of this, she has made her fortune and her name is known all over the globe. Hewitt dabbled on various genres, including rom-com, horror, and drama during her teens.

She also pursued her music career and got a few tours. However, she was best known for her roles in various T.V. series that made her a household name. Besides her stunning voice and beautiful smile, Jennifer Love Hewitt was also known for her perfectly shaped breasts. And these got insured for $5 million, proving that her most significant assets must be taken care of and treated like a proper investment.


R&B would never be the same without Alicia Keys. This singer-songwriter who started her singing career during her teens is one international superstar and since then, she has been making and sharing her art to all of her fans. Numerous singles from her several albums often topped charts, especially on the Billboard Hot 100. And some of which include “Fallin’”, “If I Ain’t Got You”, “My Boo”, and “No One”.

Best known nowadays for her hit song Girl on Fire, Alicia Keys has tons of awards under her belt, including a whopping 15 Grammy Awards and 17 NAACP Image Awards. She was also dubbed as one of the greatest R n B artists of all-time. Her exceptional piano skills and her unique raspy voice got her to the top, which is why Alicia’s hands have insurance for a modest sum of $1 million despite the fame it has brought her.

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