If you do not know Calvin Richard Klein, you probably know the namesake fashion brand he launched back in 1968. He is the fashion genius behind the American fashion house specializing in clothes, accessories, perfumes, jewelry, home furnishings, watches, and more. Along with his business partner and childhood friend, Barry K. Schwartz, Klein took a leap of faith and made a huge investment in founding this company.

Everything started when he worked as an apprentice at a classic cloak-and-suit manufacturer, Dan Millstein. He, too, spent five years designing at other shops in New York. With the right knowledge, he started Calvin Klein. Today, his very own company is worth billions of dollars and in line with the most luxurious brands in the business, like Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and more. Mind you, Klein himself now has a fortune of $700 million, thanks to his smart moves.