Furry Tales Dog Stories That Will Make Our Hearts Melt

Dogs are widely considered as man’s best friends, and this statement is true, especially if we all see these wonderful snapshots of our four-legged buddies. These pictures will surely paint those smiles on our faces and will make our day brighter. With that said, let’s take a look at these beautiful pets and how they can make our hearts melt.

Although we don’t recommend putting a lot of investment into buying a new dog since we can all adopt one, it is definitely worth it to get a new pet or two. Let’s dive down into the world of wonders brought to us by our lovely friends.


We are not well-versed in dog language, or we don’t pretend to be one just like most common dog owners. However, these two share a heart-warming welcome that all of us can agree with, and this is undoubtedly love at first bite!

This photo shows how excited his new pet to finally meet and play with her new owner. Her new friend, on the other hand, didn’t mind the excitement shown by his new buddy. We are sure our four-legged friend didn’t hire any moving company to relocate to her new place since her new owner got it covered.


This lovely fella is just driving around under the bright and beautiful sundown to her destination until she found a stray puppy just sitting along the roadside. Her love towards animals kicked in, and she decided to pick up the lost puppy and drop it by the nearest shelter. However, destiny had other plans for these two.

On her way to the local shelter, the lovely little pooch showed how adorable he was, and this good samaritan never failed to notice his cuteness. She passed by the shelter and went home together with her new friend in the comfort of their house. To make it more secure for the little bunch, it might be best to get a home security system so he will not be lost again.


They say every first time is the sweetest, and this duo definitely proved a point. This is their first time doing a selfie together, and it is certainly not the last time.

As we can see in their lovely photo, these two showed us what an ear-to-ear smile looks like, and they are not shying away from the lovely memories they can get together. It is truly a snapshot that is worth a million-dollar investment for all dog lovers out there. We will also be looking out for the next adventure these two will have in the future.


Our lovely furry friend right here finally got herself a new family, and she can barely contain her excitement towards them! The same can be said about her new owner, and we can be sure that she will be in great hands.

No need to get a moving company to sort out her things since she will be taken care of properly by her new family. This is definitely the time that our dog can say, “I am so excited, and I just can not hide it!” Now for those of you that wanted to experience the same magic, maybe this is the right time to consider adopting a new friend from your local shelter sooner than later.


Many people say that our eyes are the gateway to our soul, and this lovely pooch certainly felt that she would be in good hands. We can clearly see that she is at ease and full of compassion towards her new master.

However, we can not erase the fact that a number of people will argue that she just wanted to get her treats. We can’t blame them, but for any dog lovers out there, we will bet all of our credit cards that you all felt the connection between the two, and their picture will go down the history as a prime example of love and affection of a friend down to another friend.


A smile is one of the most wonderful gifts that we can give to our friends and loved ones! This is always true, especially if we see it from one of our furry friends.

This photo shows us how lovely a single smile is, and this will be more powerful if we put our hearts into it. The same can be said with our furry friend right here when she showed her owners how she appreciates the kindness they pour into her. Whenever we see that kind of smile, we just can’t help but wonder what she’s thinking — probably an excellent credit rating, maybe?


Adopting a new dog from our local shelter usually comes with a lot of perks, and one of them is a lifetime supply of hugs and kisses from our sweet four-legged friends. This is what Tata’s new owner got from their local shelter.

This heart-warming gift from our beloved canine may be one of the best investments money can bring to us! After all, we will get not only the hugs and kisses from our new pets, but they will also keep our hearts in check since they will be here for us, just like what we are to them when we adopt them.


Buying presents for our loved ones during the Christmas holidays might be one of the most rewarding phases of our life. This event will be more special if those who are expecting gifts will get the most adorable present that they could get, a newly adopted puppy!

This picture shows how surprised and how excited he is when he found out that underneath the Christmas gift lies his new best friend and companion. We are sure that he will treasure the gift that he got that season and will go down the line as one of the best Christmas investments the giver ever made.


Each profession has its pros and cons, but we are certain that being a police officer comes with a lot of stress that can affect our general health. That’s why it is recommended to have good insurance to keep their body and mind in top shape.

However, this police officer has a different approach to relieving his stress. It is not with the help of a support group but from a single hug from a puppy! See what our furry friends can offer to us without asking anything in return. That’s what real friendship means, and these two will cherish the bond that they had in this photo.


We know how cute and irresistible our dogs can be, especially if they are showing their love and affection to us. If that time comes, we can’t help but give them a tender hug and sometimes cradle them with care to show them how we appreciate them.

This is what this lovely lady did when she saw her new dog. On the other hand, this dog seems to be loving every second of it. He also seems to be feeling secure from the tender touch of his dearest friend, just like what we would feel inside our home installed with a top-notch home security system.