A Reddit user posted this picture with a description that says, “I went to adopt a dog and ended up with a bear.” We bet that on his way towards the shelter, he had a smaller breed in mind, but ended up with a colossal but gentle buddy.

You don’t need any lawyers to defend that these two are a perfect match for each other. As clearly as the picture shows, we have all the evidence to place a guilty verdict on them for being too cool for each other! Now that’s the way to go if we want to adopt a new friend into our household.


It is a common sight for those who are well-versed in adoptionfrom a shelter that most people prefer puppies than older dogs. However, this man right here opted for the latter than the former, and he sure deserves applause for that.

This older dog has many health issues but he’s willing to dive for that extra mile just to spend some time with his newfound family. We know that if he could only get medical insurance for his newly adopted family, he will. That’s what you called friendship that will go even through a blaze of fire. This snapshot was their first photo together.


Most kids nowadays can be a little pushy sometimes, and once they had something in mind, they will do everything that they could do so they could get what they want. We’re wondering what this kid did to make her parents swipe that credit card for this cute pooch?

We can clearly see the expression of this lovely kid saying to her parents that “can we take him home?!” or something along the lines of “I love this dog so much!” Either way, the cuteness between the two shows the level of chemistry they had with each other.


This picture shows the heart-warming exchange of hugs and love between a young kid and his newly found friend. They clearly showed us what it means to appreciate the presents we received, especially if that gift is a cuddling pooch.

We suggest someone call the police together with a lawyer since these two stole our hearts with the level of sweetness and tenderness they showed for each other. We can also say that some dogs will feel a little bit jealous of the way this owner hugs his pet, too.


The line “birds of a feather flock together” is often associated with a group of friends that has a lot in common. However, this case has a certain degree of a twist on that phrase.

We can see from the photo that these two buddies are having a blast and really enjoying their time together. They had so much fun that the two of them got absorbed with the same thought and decided to capture the moment while it is hot! Bonding with our pets more will probably lead to us being able to share the same expressions with our canine friends.


Many years ago, depression seemed to be just a superficial belief, and most people don’t even know what it means. However, with many years of medical enhancements in our belt, we finally learned our way that depression is a real threat.

This photo shows what it means to take care of our mental health , and this is not with help from any insurance companies or any mental institutions; this is just a simple work of our beloved four-legged friend. It just goes to show what our pups are made of and how they can assist us in dealing with unnecessary stress and depression in our life.


It is a common knowledge that our young ones can become a pain in our backside every once in a while, especially if we are dealing with grumpy kids. On the other side of the story, older generations can also be in the same zone as our kids in certain situations.

This snapshot shows a man (though he’s not that old!), and a grumpy little rascal caught in the middle of a staredown contest. We can see that they put in a lot of effort, and they clearly look adorable. They probably bet his credit card down for a bag of treats in case this pooch grabs the top spot.


Seeing our kids going to slumberland might be one of the most rewarding things a parent can get from their child. But, what is more precious than our sleeping youngster? A sleeping child along with his four-legged companion.

These two are probably dreaming of something good, and their looks are comparable to an angel. This young kid most likely dreams of him achieving his most desired profession like a doctor or a lawyer, while this pooch probably dreams of all the treats he could eat in this world. One thing is certain, and these two adorable angels will spend a lot of time together, achieving their goals and enjoying the company of each other.


Aren’t these two cute in their photo together? It is probably one of the nicest things we could see from our kid that he showed all the love and affection he could give to his best pal. Some people will say that it came off directly from a children’s show, while others will argue that it came from a dog ownership and adoption ad, but by the looks of things, this cute boy is just genuinely in love with his best pal.

If love for our pets has a rating just like our credit report, this kid will never go bankrupt for sure!


It is said that this photo was from an adoption house, and this was the exact moment these two shared an everlasting bond that will stand the test of time. Judging from the aura that these two brought to us, they clearly had the chemistry to become the next wonder duo.

There is only one thing certain about this snapshot. These two love to be around each other that this little pooch even sealed the deal with a kiss on the nose of her new master. We could say that this adoption is a smart investment to make if we are looking to find that one true friend.